What adaptor do i need to connect to public charging?

Hi all,

Here in Ireland, ESB Networks (Electricity Supply Board) still supply free electricity to EV customers.

I’m wondering what type of adaptor do i need to plug my Twizy into the network?

The advice i got from an ESB rep. said -

“The information that may be of use to you is all the public standard AC charge points have ‘type 2 sockets’ allowing a charge via ‘mode 3’”.

Any idea what this means?



You need a Menekes Type 2 to 3 pin socket adaptor cable. See a number of other threads. Level 3 is irrelevant to you as the adaptor has the control electrics in (A resister).

@bbel is looking at a Twizy with that type of plug on as standard and needs to go the other way for home charging.

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This is what you need http://evbitz.uk/EVBitz.uk/T2___UK_13A.html
See the note about using the waterproof version for the Twizy plug.


Thanks for the link. Seems to be best price on the net!

Glad that I could help

Doesn’t look very waterproof. Does that mean you can only charge when it’s dry??

I just purchased on of these http://evbitz.uk/EVBitz.uk/T2___UK_13A.html. Delivery was quick and efficient. I tried it out this weekend on a public Menekes Type 2 charging point and it worked a perfectly.


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A Perth top up. Never seen a Twizy on Scottish roads yet. :(. I long to own one to join my Zoe.

I have to say I am spoiled in that respect - a Twizy with a PowerBox and a Zoe, both in black. Maybe I need to take a group pic of both of them. I love them both as each deliver a real great experience in their own way. :slight_smile:

My twizy is from Carnoustie, and I commute to dundee every day in it!

Hi Repoman, as you spotted, I am in Perth so maybe we should meet up in Dundee. Do you have somewhere to charge in Dundee?

I charge at either a street charger or in any of the council owned multi storey car parks, as I get unlimited free parkin* in them even if I’m not charging. I just drive up to the barrier, and the anpr camera reads my plate and opens the barrier. Fab. There’s a charging point on shore terrace, south Tay street car park and trades lane.

Have you ever driven to dundee in yours?

No, never to Dundee. I did Crieff and back, with a coffee stop to recharge. Its a hobby car so I am always looking for a trip out. We should set a date, though we might make it weather dependent given the time of year. I am interested to compare brake noise with another owner.

Back or Front brakes? I have all of mine replaced over the last couple of years. Made a lot of difference

there are 2 of us in Aberdeen

Dundee’s a bit far for me, but have you see that there is an EV Christmas Parade in Dundee on the 25th of Nov this year? It would be great if a couple of Twizys headed it up :slight_smile:


I just signed up for this. I bet my Twizy gets more attention than the Teslas at the event :slight_smile:


I come off on holiday for 2 weeks starting 10th December.

I’m hacked right off. I’m working on Saturday, driving my bus around dundee. I’ll have the twizy with me, but can’t get the time off to be in the parade! Totally gutted!