What are Smart EQs selling for at the moment?

Was having a look at how much Smart EQ Fortwos are going for at the moment and it looks like they’ve held their value pretty well. I was seeing them up for sale between £12k-£14k for two year old cars on Autotrader, and the approved used ones a year old are up for £16k+!

I’ve got about £10k left to pay on mine, so was thinking of selling it soon if I order the new Polestar 2.

Anyone else thinking of selling their Smarts or anyone looking at buying one?

My for4 ED is still holding its value after three years of ownership , its a decent size for the family and the range is perfect for my location.

Most of the newer electric stuff has loads of range and a price rag to match it and will be over kill for here.

Fancy a citroen ami or Seat minimo.

Had been saving for the Morgan EV3 :sob:

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The Smart certainly does hold its value, in the US one can purchase a ForTwo for half the price used as it is over here!

I’ve certainly got my eye on the Minimo, I have a horrible feeling the Citroen Ami won’t ever come to the UK but time will tell.

Is that a second hand EQ or an ICE smart?

That’s a used electric ForTwo, admittedly the last gen. It shouldn’t be surprising as the yanks typically get cheaper prices than us.

It’s the sort of price I think these types of vehicles should be, I can’t help but feel dealers in the UK price EVs with every single penny of fuel and tax saving one would make in 5 years included in the new price.

It’s possibly why the Ami excites me, its priced correctly. But alas, no good for me out in the sticks :-S

Wow - £5k for the Ami brand new. I mean it’s quite a restrictive vehicle but for that price it’s perfect for people in the city.

looks simple and a great price , hopefully can unlock the speed limiter :grinning:

thinking about importing one :wink:

I forgot to mention the Seat Minimo, Seat have confirmed production for 2021 but no production pictures or retail pricing as yet. That too will be interesting, 17kWh battery, Twizy size but sealed cabin.

yeah a bit boring , I love no doors and planning the limited range if I thrash the power box :rofl: