What are some twizy owners smoking?

I would seriously like to know what some twizy owners are smoking. Judging by the prices they want for them it must be some goooooood [email protected]! There one on Facebook marketplace, 11,500 miles ,2014. The guy was asking…wait for it…£9250!!! He has since reduced the price to a still very unrealistic price of £8250. The only thing that’s remotely special about it is that it’s been wrapped in silver vinyl. The way I see it, he’s asking more than twice what it’s worth. I recently sold mine for £3500, which was a realistic price. I see that most of the ones on eBay are 5000 plus. Do they know something we don’t? Are they already collectors items? Are they worth used Ferrari money? Please discuss. I also have an option to buy mine back at the price I sold it for any time I want.


They have become a little more interesting now the battery rental is being removed by some owners. The cost of battery buy out depends on age but lets say £800 for an older Twizy. Which is less then 2 years rental.

Looks like a good buy back, especially while people are only doing short trips.

The silver one you mention was for sale on FB 3 weeks ago for under 4K. I missed out on it buy a few hours, now as you say for more than double now.
Think people are confusing the new ones with battery included and the price they are, thinking used has to be now worth 7k plus, thing is a lot of those used now are still battery rental ones.

Crazy prices

Things are worth what people pay for them.
A few have sold at the 7k mark - one yesterday at 4k sold in a few hours all not battery owned.
The last battery owned one sold in minutes.

It isn’t helped by Renault trying to sell used old cars for over 10k!

I think they are almost collectors items - but importantly electric cars are becoming more viable and alot more “in”. In 2012 Tesla was only just starting - now in April the UKs most bought car.

But the build quality on the twizy is so horrendous! I just don’t see why people would pay so much fir them! Beggars belief! I say this as the previous owner of two twizys by the way!

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Some have batteries without lease… like me …I’m selling my second Twizy at 6000 EUR (owned battery)

I went looking for one during lockdown and found them to be very rare indeed. I’m getting mine from Europe, should be getting it next week all being well. 1050 euros to get it transported,

Lets not forget that everything has got stupidly more expensive second hand over the last 2-3 months.
I was recently looking for a cell known children’s brand aluminium frame bike for my daughter. Second used prices were about £10-£20 less than brand new!
There is also a difference between what people are advertising their cars for, and what others are actually buying them for. House prices being a prime example.
And I agree, total madness to be paying more than £4-5k for a used twizy with battery lease. Especially as Renault were selling 2019 models with doors for £5995 only a few months ago!

And now Renault are asking 11000 for the one that used to be at the Eden project. No battery lease - but also no battery warantee apparently!

So you’re totally on your own when it comes to pack failure?!
They’ve proved to be fairly robust, but still. You get a warranty on a drill battery!

Normal warranty on the car as a whole? Including the battery, just not a extended warranty on the battery.

Repoman - What build quality in particular are you referring to?
In your Twizy ownership what went wrong?

When I spoke to Renault they said it had a mechanical parts warantee and the battery was buyer owned. But they didnt seem to know too much about it .

I’m hanging on for the Seat Minimo. Hopefully we will see the launch next year.


I’m also interested in the Seat Minimo, just wish they’d hurry-up and put it on sale.

Yes, its all gone quiet. Last I heard it was 2021.

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There is no doubt that prices of Twizys have hardened, judging by the sold prices on eBay alone, and those should be considered the rock bottom prices, as there is little or no comeback, and dealers are justifiably asking more.
The ability to buy the batteries is bound to make the Twizy more desirable. I believe that buying out your lease for £800 is a sound investment and you should more than recover that when you sell. I get asked about mine almost everytime, that I go out in it. Today I saw a brand new one in Norwich, so now there are 3 of them in the city.

Ok. I went through a puddle the other day which caused the rear panel to pop out and destroy the o/S indicator. £42 for a new one. The brake callipers are of the poorest quality and require replacement at huge cost , £200per corner for the fronts and £300 per corner for the rears, far too regularly. Utter garbage. Having said that, I must be a glutton for punishment as I’ve owned 2!

I agreed expensive to replace but with regular checks they work well if you stand on the brake pedal :grin:

Still on OG brakes and disks @ 9000 miles :crossed_fingers:

I have a spare indicator if you need?

I get mine stripped and greased twice a year now.