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What are the best one liners?

I’m about to get my twizy, a little late to the party maybe. Anyway, drawing on the experiences of others. What can I expect, what are the best one liners you have heard whilst out and about? Did you have any come backs, or those golden “I wish I’d said that” moments? A friend of mine jumped in my smart the other day and I still heard the “you’re getting in a roller skate mate” comment. Made me chuckle I’ve had mine through good and bad, funny how many more questions I got when unleaded went over a pound. Do you REMEMBER THAT a pound for a litre of unleaded (and I’m not even THAT old!) cheers. Twix

Welcome to the Club!! No doubt you will get all sorts of comments.
A rare one for me was when I opened the “gull wing” door to get in, someone said : Look, it’s a Twizyghini!!!

If I drive through town I regularly hear people talking and laughing about it whilst I’m in slow moving traffic. I don’t think they realise I can hear them.

One woman said it looks like a kids car. Another who stopped to speak to me whilst I was reversing off my drive said she thought it was a car for a disabled person.

When I used to drive into Central London I used to get quite a bit of stick off of bike riders. Both cyclists and motorbikes. Not sure why, guess they were jealous :wink:

Also, try driving past a school at home time.

If you can manage some semblance of a Clint Eastwood accent, there’s some mileage to be had with: “I hope you’re not laughing at my little car. He doesn’t like it when people laugh.”

Went to a classic car show today in the Twizy, and was asked by the car park attendent at the entrance if I needed a disabled parking space :rolleyes:. She was serious :rolleyes:.

Was it you or the Twizy she was looking at? :lol:

:lol::lol: Good one!

Many a mixture or laughs or random “waheys!”

Prepare for lots of questions from white van men, and motorcyclists.

People at bus stops laugh, but I have yet to pluck up the guts to tell them that their fare would get me to and from my door at least 5 times, and I am not stood in the rain.

My fave happened two weeks ago. I was sat a traffic lights then a random bloke shouted across to me “Is that electric?” I said “yes” he then said “Is Right!” I have no idea to this day if I won anything.

As for driving past schools, it appears to be a mixture of responses, mainly positive.

I know a guy where i live that also has a Twizy and his wife hates it - aparently she was on the back seat and she noticed that young girls would wave and smile at the husband driving the twizy in town. First Twizyvorce coming up?

He should let her drive it, alone, through a town centre. Although the Twizy is marketed (to the extent that it is) at urban yoof, my own experience is that a better target would be women of a “certain age” who really appreciate the admiration and wolf whistles of teenage boys, something they tend not to have experienced for many years. :cool: