What distance capacity does your dashboard show after recharging?

Hi everyone,

What ‘distance capacity’ does your dashboard show after recharging?

Mine shows anywhere between 34 miles and 39 miles capacity.

Does yours display a similar range?



After a recharge at home mine varies between 29 and 48 miles depending on time of year and what was my last journey. I live at the top of a hill so most trips are back up the hill, although if i stay on the ridge then my range will be higher.

During last summer while on Holiday (some where flat) all trips were two up and the range would show as high as 52miles.

Ignore the range estimate after recharge, obviously mine shoots up as a leave down the hill. You need to learn what you get with your style of driving.

The GOM is based on the last 3 miles of driving. So racing home will distort the range displayed. My displayed range drops by 12miles when returning home from the bottom of the hill. But that soon goes back up next trip out.

Wet roads, Cold weather and Driving style all make the range displayed after a full charge vary.

To answer you direct question - yes. ( 4.5 year old Twizy in Dec/Jan, Charged indoors)

Also mine show 52 km range ( about 32 Miles )

Thanks Osbrook and Frigio…

Interesting - i live at the top of a (smallish) hill as well - so that could be a reason behind the ‘recharge capacity’ fluctuation

On that basis - how does one know if the battery has depleted below 75% of original capacity - which would allow me to get a new battery under contract rental terms?



This time of year around 35 miles

Just to add to the confirmations - ours shows 36-42 miles range at this time of year here in the UK (-5C to 6C range in the mornings I guess). In the summer it was showing 48-52 miles. 4 year old Twizy too…

There are two lines of thought on this.

  1. Fully charge leave to stand for at least 1 hour and then plug back in and see what it reads.
  2. The battery bar will start to drop bars. so at below 90% only 9 bars are filled.

However neither of the above has been proven to be right of wrong. Only the battery check that the ZE centres can do will give a true reading.

Unless @kennethnilsen69 knows how to read the battery.


the range guesstimate on mine is 32 to 35 miles at the moment.

mines also showing 97% if i plug back in after charging to full and waiting one hour.

believe i read elsewhere on here others are seeing the same on 4+ year old twizys.

hopefully @kennethnilsen69 can sort this question out?

The new firmware (v1.71) to Powerbox released today shows the capacity of your battery and how much it is worn out. the new feature AE shows how much energy is stored in the battery. if it is below 6.1kWh then it starts to get worn.
Renault promises 6.1 kWh so at 100 SOC it shall be at least 6.1kWh.
75% battery capacity should then be about 4.58kWh. after your rental terms it is now time to demand new battery :slight_smile:


mines showing 98.5% SOC after a full charge and 6.0kWh on the AE :slight_smile:

35 miles on the guess-o-meter.

2012 Twizy.

Can we show also the Real range?
Here sole photo
Temperature 0º celsius
Range are in km
Lights on
Front heater on

Too early in the morning! I went in to a bit of a panic until I realised int’ in KMs and that you only had 5 miles.:slight_smile:

Looks about right to me. Total estimated range of 25 miles. (32.8 +8Km) which is very low but you drive hard and it is obviously colder.

The screen heater does not really affect the range.

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Testing on PowerBox Firmware Version 1.72, I got the following -

SOC 99.4
Battery Health 100%
AE 6.0

My Twizy was registered 19th Sept 2012.

Nearly 4 years, 4 months old!

Some upgrade ( always in km )