What does these symbols mean?

Can some one point me to the right direction? Can buy a twizy with these symbols on:

Is this normal when powering up? does it mean something?
(Have not boought it yet, but these pictures are in the sales ad, and can’t find anything in the manual I downloaded…)

All looks normal to me. The most important thing is to check the Twizy will charge up. If you connect the charging plug to a power supply, you should hear the charger fan start up and the display should show the percentage of charge where the speed is displayed in your photo.
Check also that when you turn and hold the key, whilst pressing the footbrake, that your hear a bleep and the GO sign is displayed, otherwise you cannot select forward or reverse and drive the vehicle!

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I meant to add that you can download a copy of the drivers hanbook here
Once you have done that, you can look up what all the displays mean.
Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips, I had download the handbook and searched through it, but coouldn’t find anything about the three batterie symbols…

Hi Marcel,
My 2015 Twizy shows the icons in your picture when first turned on but they clear after a second or so, I would have thought this would just be similar to any ICE car that shows all the oil lights etc when you turn the ignition on and clear as you start the car. So I would guess nothing to worry about.
According to my manual the icons are as follows:

**The one that looks like a thermometer in a battery
Electrotechnical system warning light
When the warning light comes on, this indicates the traction battery or the engine temperature is too high. Opt for a calmer driving style. The warning light can be accompanied by a drop in vehicle performance.

**The one that looks like a battery
Low traction battery level
warning light This comes on when the traction battery charge level has reached the reserve threshold. Please see the information on “Displays and indicators” in Section 1.

**The one that looks like a battery with exclamation mark
Electrotechnical system warning light
If it lights up while driving, this means there is an electrotechnical fault in the “58 volt” electrical circuit. Please see an authorised dealer as soon as possible. When the vehicle is started or while driving, if it flashes accompanied by the stop warning light and a beep, this indicates that the charging flap is open or not correctly closed. Stop and switch off the ignition, make sure that the charging cord is disconnected and that the flap is fully closed.

All the best,

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Thanks Chris, I couldn’t find that in the manual I downloaded (a dutch one) but that makes sense!
Will see the car Friday, and will see if they switch off…!

This mean issue with traction battery, check it before you buy since cost of replacement is very high

As said before, they all come on whilst turning the car on and then disappear when GO lights up, indicating that all is normal