What does this do?

So whilst the car died last night, I played with the controls / stalks to see if anything was left on.

I noticed that on the window heater, it has the off and on setting, but you can also move the stalk one click past off which is where it stops.

Does this actually do anything or is it just a stalk from another car where that would do something?

It doesn’t do anything. Well, normally.

My stalk is slightly broken in such a way that the heater doesn’t work when you put it to ‘on’.
But it does work when you put the stalk to the one past off.
It’s very weird. But it works. And as long as it works, that means, no expensive garage repairs for me.

It is a modificated stalk of a 1998-2001Clio MK2 etc. :grin:

And I was told there are no cables running in the stalk to give that position a function. :pensive:

Thanks - how on earth you know that thought I don’t know lol