What faults have occurred on your Twizy?

I thought it would be a good idea to start a poll to keep track of the amount of faults happening with Twizys to see which is the most widespread and which need the most attention.

Please cast your vote and let me know if I’ve missed anything glaringly obvious.

let me know if I’ve missed anything glaringly obvious.

About an Option for me, “None of the above” :slight_smile:


I wasn’t expecting anyone to need that option :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re right. Added just in case

1/ brake pedal not activating handbrake release mechanism in very cold weather
2/ calipers sticking and dragging
3/ dashboard steaming up
4/ windscreen washer blowing fuse after half a second pull in cold weather-the garage had put in plain water on delivery, changed this to screenwash, now ok
5/ handbrake light on dash not operating-has now been fixed by bending the switch bracket

All it would take is an interested garage with a decent tech to sort all this in a few hours

Other: 3 instances where handbrake wouldn’t release.

It is not just me then-great!

my new Twizy 80 (5 days and 150 Km) don’t want to recharge and in a week of works the assistence can not found the problem. Is there a fuse for 220 V ?

The front latch that holds the charger cable is broken off. I had to fix then with drilling and screws as described on the forum. Every on will be havein this. It is very shitty made.

The alarm blinker button doesnt function properly. I dont think it is weathet sealed. Haven fixed it yet. But some WD40 and silicon spray might work magic.

Charger failure.fixed under warranty .took 30 days.
Sticky calipers but fixed myself.

Charger fault fixed twice
Horn stopped working
Hazard warning switch stopped working
Both front brake calipers seized.
Brake pads and discs prematurely worn
Door opening struts not strong enough to open doors

I’ve had mine since Sept 2015 (4 or 5 months). So far:

  • Hazard switch broke once (others have said this is because that part of the dash isn’t fully waterproof - I park mine outside rain or shine, so that’ll be why).

  • The handbrake locking mechanism which is deactivated by pushing down the brake pedal stopped working (connection broke). This meant I couldn’t release the handbrake (couldn’t move).

[SERV] light flickered a couple of times when it was new, never seemed to be an issue and ‘cured’ itself. It’s been 15 months / 7000 miles of turn the key & go! I guess I could complain that the door struts are too weak in all but the sunniest of British weather, but it doesn’t really matter. I have arms.

Mine’s a 2014 car; I wonder if the factory has been quietly correcting some known issues as they go, or whether I’m about to experience all the problems listed above…?

not too many on mine (2012 twizy),

  • many charging problems until the charger packed up and took three weeks to be replaced.
  • hazard light switch has been replaced three times.
  • o/s front tyre worn due to tracking error from the factory.

recent recuring problem with the heated front screen turning on and off, which will be fixed at final service in April.

new gearbox at 1000 miles it screamed like a banshee at 50 mph and of course the brakes just rubbish

Plugged my week old Twizy earlier showing 17% 3 hours later I went to check on progress and everything was off. It was still plugged in so switched socket on and off then it started to charge again now showing 18%. An hour later showing its charging on dash but still at 18%, not looking good.

Oh dear, not a good start to a brand new Twizy, sorry to hear that Keith. You can of course reject the car if they are unable to repair within a few days. I would also be furious at the mounting of the rear plate and insist they replaced the entire back end, even if you got a healthy discount.

Best of luck anyhow.

This is not a quick fix. Sounds like the charger has failed. Do the cooling fans start up when you plug it in? Sometimes a stone jams in the fan and the charger can overheat. If it is a stone, still insist they replace the charger if it has been overheating.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted quickly.

Fan was running, going to plug in soon and see what happens. Plus got no breakdown paperwork numbers etc from dealer. I’ll update soon.

Well, I plugged it in with my new 13amp 10 metre extension cable and fan came on and dash showed its charging, after 10 mins no % change. So plugged in using my old 10amp extension cable and now it’s happily charging. Just glad it was an easy fix. Trying to find a decent electrician to fit an outside socket for a reasonable price.

Was the extension cable on a reel? If not fully unwound they will trip out. Also watch rating the Twizy will draw over 10amps for 3 hours. A lot of extension leads cannot handle 10amp and not for that long.

My extension lead is rated at 13 or 16amps and thick cable to make sure. Even so it needs to be fully unwound from the drum.

Have you seen a melted extension lead where someone didn’t uncoil and it just melted on the reel. Scary.