What is the Cheapest way to get a Leather Steering Wheel

I have a 2014 Twizy that I have just purchased and I am looking to upgrade my steering wheel, however don’t want to stop me using my Twizy. Can I get it covered somewhere? I basically want to buy a new one and get it covered then p/x sell my old one. Are they easy to fit as I am no mechanic, especially when airbags are concerned.

First of all airbags don’t explode like that. There’s a simple connector. You can find plenty of youtube videos about it.
A Twizy driver among us has put a Renault Laguna steering wheel… but I remember about of work / machinery was necessary.

Plug and play probably non existing

I’ve seen leather steering wheel covers that you stitch on your self - kit comes with coloured thread and needle. Would take a while but easier than trying to fit something else.

I have 1 standard Twizy steering wheel left for £35 which you can then get covered. Other members have had theirs covered at Royal Steering wheels. http://royalsteeringwheels.com . You can arrange the work with them direct and I will ship it Royal on your behalf (at cost), once covered Royal will ship it to you. Swap them over and job done, Twizy isn’t off the road for anything more than an hour while you swap them over.

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Just to add that Jack Royal does amazing work and it’s well worth the £120-130 or thereabouts costs. Much, much nicer than stock plastic. Easy to change over too.

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Thanks for your responses I’ve now got myself sorted. :+1:t2: