What is the highest mileage a Twizy has covered?

Since a month I am a proud owner of a Renault Twizy. It’s a four year old Twizy and it has done about 17.300 kilometers, or 10.400 miles. I was wondering, what is the highest mileage with a Twizy?

@Lightly may be one of the highest on the forum?

I’m on about 9500 after 20 months.

I’m sure we saw one for sale with 18,000 miles on it (but there was some question as to whether that was just a mistake as it wasn’t very old…?)

My Twizy has now just under approx. 16,000 miles on it.
I’ve done all those miles except the first 351 miles :slight_smile:
Use it almost every day to commute to work and back, a round trip of 16 miles.


I am sure there was someone on here with a huge mileage at one time, mine has done 13600 ish now, not that many.

EricLafoy claimed he clocked 8500 miles in his first year of owning a Twizy. Wonder what miles he is up to by now. C’mon Eric, tell us.
I am on 11000 miles.

Yeah I’m down at 11,500 miles as well.

4 years, 20.800 km, about 10.000 by me in the last 18 months. Daily commuting (when the weather is nice, I sometimes take my e-bike)


Just went down the office car park to have a look and take a picture. My mileage stands at 15,716 miles. Purchased it with just over 400 miles on the clock as an ex-demo. it will be 2 years in my ownership on 17th July 2016

On average I travel 165 miles from Monday to Friday (33 miles / day), less at the week-end.

On Sunday 17th July I had my Twizy for 2 years and passed the 16.000 miles…original front tyres and pads but the rear tyres have not lasted 12 months and soon to be changed again for the second time.

Here is a photo of my rear tyre now and fitted in October 2015

Need to sort that tracking out.

Tracking definitely needs sorting, the other side is hardly worn.
I used a Trackrite to adjust the Tracking


Regarding the tracking, I have been to 5 places to get mine done, but they say they can’t due to the mudguards. They refuse to remove the two bolts holding them on. There is a garage near me in Arbroath that has just taken delivery of a new system that hangs on the rim of the wheel with three hooks. They then drive the car forward and sort the tracking from the information provided.need to give it a go.

I will ask my local garage if they can do it.

My local Big franchise said park there and take the mud guards off and then we will do it. Fixed price. £20.