What is the policy on measuring units here on the forum?

I don’t post much, but since this is a UK forum, what is your stance on the units used? (metric vs imperial)

If I say “I’ve driven 150 km today with my Twizy,” is that an okay sentence to you?

Or do you rather like, “I’ve driven 150 km (93 miles) today with my Twizy.”

Or rather, “I’ve driven 93 miles today with my Twizy,” with me having to google the conversion to imperial from metric each time I want to post something.

Just a friendly question, no need for a heated discussion concerning politics and how I am a lunatic even bringing up the subject. :smile:

@zeemeerman2 there really is no stance. I would say use what units you prefer to use. I think the UK is unique in the sense that it uses a combination of both imperial and metric.

For instance, we do tend to use miles over km when talking about driving distance. However, we tend to use metric more often when measuring most other things. cm over inches, or celsius over fahrenheit for example. That may just be my generation though. I’m sure some of the older members would much prefer imperial for everything.

Anyway, my point is, we tend to understand both, so feel free to post whatever’s easiest for you. If anybody really wanted to convert them they can do so themselves! :smile:

I don’t have a problem with either measurements, I swing both ways :yum:


As an ‘older’ member I would prefer if we stuck to stanard units and not some thing random like furlongs or regalo 7 for 3 1st class deliveries.

Imperial Miles or metric KM are both fine.

I do prefer Centigrade to fahrenheit but then there is always Google.

After all this isn’t just an English Twizy site. Though we do prefer all postings to be in English (including American forms :grin:)

I would like to hear more about your 93 mile daily journeys in a Twizy :smiley:

Well, you see, I was on a holiday – a road trip through the Netherlands with the Twizy.

While I did only about 100 km (62 miles) daily, I did it in roughly 2/3 day. So I assume just driving around and recharging 3 times per day, for 3 hours each time, you could get 150 km daily.

Also a little tip: the Netherlands are a paradise for the quantity of charging points. But note that there are many, if not most, charging points outside the city/village* centres; at residential districts and at industrial zones. Often far away from the tourism you want to experience. Be prepared for this.

I am French, living in the UK with a London based office, working for a Canadian company with an American Sales director… Anything is possible!

But do you drive your Twizy on a daily basis? Even in the UK?!

I drive my Twizy at an almost-daily base; but it is my primary vehicle.

I live in north-eastern Belgium. It is a bit more flat than the UK, but not as flat as the Netherlands.

My most hilly area:

(That bottomleft path with the hedges, just to reference, the bottom of the hill is visible at the corner. It does not go down any more than that.)

I think synonyms for these landscapes are: “The Shire”, “Windows XP default background theme”

My least hilly area that is not entirely flat:

(Same location, just turned around)

There you go.

Fantastic, thank you. beautiful part of your country too.

Lliving in the Northern part of the Netherlands last summer I went to the German Twizy Meeting. 190 km in one day. I started at 05.00 h, arrived in Rinteln-DE at 20.00 h. Fun. :relaxed: Just drive 45-55 km/h, one beam. Instruct TomTom or Navigon to go for the shorterst route, avoiding Motorways. Don’t brake. Stop loading at 95%.

One Twizy enthousiast did drive 843 km one way :innocent: