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What is the Twizy classed as?

So appears to be some confusion as to what the Twizy is classed as…

*]2 Door Rigid Vehicle
*]Motorcycle… (clearly not)

Having spoken to local dealers and Renault UK they say its "inbetween a quadcycle and a car" when challenged that it cant be "inbetween" it has to be one or the other they could not help (bad customer advice if you ask me) so i decided to call DVLA and checked my reg with them to find my Twizy is classed as a 2 door rigid vehicle however the helpful person advised that DVLA does not decide the class and that Department for Transport does so i decided to call them and see what they have to say. They confirmed my Twizy is what DVLA said a 2 door rigid vehicle (whatever one of them is).

So the reason for this topic? well what i was trying to get at was what if the Twizy was a quadcycle (as its been publish by some magazines) could drive in the bus lanes up London?, sadly was advised even if my Twizy was classed as a quadcycle (aka quad bike) you cant use the bus lanes in London unless you are a bus, motorbike or taxi and depending on some lanes they are bus only.

So there you go that idea goes out the window unless i register as a taxi… LOL

Question to the members what is your Twizy classed as? i wonder being that there appears to be so much confusion if by chance we have different classes depending where you are located in the UK or was it by chance the people i spoke to at Renault just have no idea?

The good thing i did find out after for me is do not use the bus lines so kind of feel all was not lost on my task to confirm class.

I’ve also looked into this and on the vehicle registration document it lists the class as L7 if I remember correctly, which is a heavy quadricycle. Not sure what a ‘rigid vehicle’ is!