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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

What other unusual cars have you owned/used?

Ok, I’ll start this one off!
Quite a few owners appreciate the Twizy for its quirkiness and unusual image, so what other cars have you used which were a bit unusual?

I owned these amongst the 135 or so cars over the years:
3 Fiat 126s-make the Twizy feel spacious
5 Citroen 2CVs-one took me on a 3000 mile tour with no issues
5 Lada Rivas-mostly in cardigan beige
1977 Saab 95 V4 estate-with freewheeling gearbox
1979 Austin Allegro-in lurid yellow
1981 Austin Allegro Estate-in even more lurid yellow
1985 Austin Maestro VP-with talking dashboard
1996 Alfa 155 TwinSpark-was in garage more than on the road
2004 Perodua Kenari-truly awful (every other Perodua is ace-have had 12)
2006 Daihatsu Copen-I got called Stuart Little
2008 Daihatsu Materia-this got a strong reaction like the Twizy

I’ve had a load of MZ motorbikes too.

Nothing really shocking in the above, but just a little on the fringe of regular motoring!

What have you had that was a bit different to the norm?

MR2 mrk1 T-BAR my first car :smiley:
Civic crx vtec
RS turbo last of line
Escort Cossworth lux pack
REV 5 MR2 T-Bar
Audi A4
Lexus IS300 sport
BMW 330 coupe m sport
MINI cooper JCW
Audi TT 3.2 v6
Civic type R
Lexus ls460

Classic cars owned in past
Shadow mrk2
wraith mrk2
spirit mrk 1
spirit mrk 2
Seraph mrk 1 "dad now owns :slight_smile: "
Honda Beat
Suzuki cuppachino “still own”
Smart Crossblade
Suzuki wizz kid
Clan crusader imp based
Sinclair C5 boxed unused “still own”
Classic beetle :slight_smile:
new beetle :o
Toyota sera
MG :’(
BMW 750L
Astra GTE 2ltr mrk2
Nova GTE

Phewww o and a fireblade in 1996
And now…?
C3 wife / Twizy for myself / Audi A3 company car

Love the Maestro with talking dash. Moira stewert did the female voice and another BBC newsreader did the male voice…

Great selection! Some POWER mixed in that lot!
I nearly bought a Cappucino but insurance was a pig at the time I test drove it.

I fancy a C5 too.

It did talk until the dash told me the car was doing 185mph and then Moira had a stroke and got Tourettes.
God, it was a rubbish car.

I only bought it as my then girlfriend (she was fit!) wanted me to cycle her home 20 miles away, I got 3 miles before I saw the Maestro for sale on a petrol station we were passing, paid for it on Switch and threw the bikes in it. It did not last long, but was worth the loss to get out of that long bike ride.

My two current cars are the Twizy and a Honda FRV.
They both share unconventional seating plans, the Twizy being a 1 + 1 and the honda being a 3 + 3 , a kind of Japanese Fiat Multipla.
Previous favourites include a Citroen Diane and a '91 BMW 316i.
Possibly the dullest car I ever owned was the Vauxhall Astra.

My wife and I love the FR-V, a few years back we test drove one but they wanted far too much for the age/mileage and undervalued our p-ex; we bought a new Fiat Doblo in the end.

Shame Honda binned it-a great design and one of my wife’s favourite cars of all time-esp the 2.2 CDTi Sport in blue

If you want a C5 new with all the extras. Adam Harper bought the last of the stock and is the only service agent Sinclair granted the rights to to service and maintain them after the company went pop. He is in Belverdere Kent get one bubble wrapped not boxed about 800 quid 8-| which by ebay standards is very very cheap.

We could do with some pics for this thread, difficult for me to list cars I have owned as it has literally been thousands, I have had at least 3 new ones enter my stable this week, but I tend not to count them as they are just for the process of selling on again. there is no Citroen and Peugeot that I havnt owned, and most Renaultsat some point or other, but cars I have had that were memorable ( these tend to go from one extreme to another)

Citroen Ami 8, Citroen Mehari, 1962 ripple bonnet 2cv with traffic clutch (1 owner from new), Citroen GS X2, Citroen GSA service van (still have this). 1979 drum brake 2cv club in Jaune Mimosa ( same as the James Bond one, still have this), Citroen HY van,
Fiat 131 Mirafiori sport, Renault 5 Gordini, Renault 5 Gordini Turbo x2, Renault 5 GT Turbo x2, BMW Mini cooper (rubbish car), Mitsubishi EVO V111 with 400 bhp , Porsche Boxster 2.5 ( still have this) , Porsche 997 GT3RS (still have this).

There have literally been thousands more, but these are the main ones I remember , I had 4 new hatchbacks of various manufacture when I had a driving school for a while :slight_smile:

Wow-you’ve had some really good ones in there-especially the A series Citroens-cool :cool: I always wanted a Bond one-had a Bamboo instead!

I’d love to try a 131 Mirafiori Sport.

I won the use of an Evo X SST for a few days and it blew my mind 8-|

Very tempting-but no free £££ at present :’(

One day…

Here are a few pics for you

My EVO at the ring

My prized car of the last 4 yrs, besides the Twizy of course :slight_smile:

Wow! I LOVE Amis, A-series and H-vans

The Porsche ain’t bad either!

Thanks, the Charleston was one I sold last year, so didn’t really own it as a car myself. I forgot I also owned an Acadiene van for quite a while, you prob guessed I like Citroens.
Just rebuilt a Bamboo engine this week for,a customer btw.

I went to the 2003 2CV world meeting in Vinadio with 2CVGB and we’re now looking at sourcing a cheap 2CV to get to the 2015 world meeting in Torun, Poland.
I’ve bid on a few Bamboos but lost them…

2cv’ s fetch ridiculous money these days, my son restored the Ami and the Charleston, we sold the Charlston for £5500 , totally mad money.
The Bamboo I have in at work is very very tidy and the guy got it for about £2300 I think, it was a bargain as it is as good as any you see.
Perhaps an Ami would be a good idea, they seem cheaper.

I lost a couple that went for reasonable prices, but waiting to pounce on the right one. I like Amis very much, but the group wants a 2CV!
I’ll know when I find it-it’ll talk to me, like only an A-series can.

Hello, this is a great thread! I’ve mostly owned run-of-the-mill cars such as Ford, (Fiesta-rubber band auto, terrible), Vauxhalls, (auto Corsa-dull) and a truly, shockingly underpowered Astra auto 1.3l - not entirely sure what I was thinking when I bought that. Fortunately I was able to sell it on fairly quickly to a colleague. The most fun I’ve ever had in a car to date :slight_smile: was when I had my Minis, I had three of those, all of them auto. x2 1000 and x1 1275. The poshest car I’ve owned was my auto Tigra. That was the first time I was able to get a brand new motor, which was a cool experience until I had to start making the monthly repayments…ouch! Way back in the day, I was in the Kit Car scene. I used to go to the shows at Castle Combe and one that was held down at the docks in Bristol. I owned an Eagle RV auto, it’s a Renegade Jeep replica. When I first bought it, it was covered in bright pink and green neon light covers and body graphics and looked shocking. Needless to say, those came off as quick as you like! I did leave the eagle graphic on the bonnet though, that looked cool. I’m currently pootling around in a very old, very tired and very, very high mileage Renault Clio 1.6 auto. The Clio is coming to the end of its days, hence the looking around for something else, preferably something that’s going to be a bit of a giggle to drive.

Add to my list:

Another 2CV (Bamboo) won on ebay and sold to a woman who just would not take no for an answer
A 1989 Skoda Rapid Coupe-won on ebay and collecting tomorrow

Well done, been busy myself , bought this on EBay , collecting at the weekend :smiley:
It has a Lotus Twincam engine in it .