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What’s the most difficult thing about buying a second hand electric car?

Would be interested to hear everyone’s opinion on what you’d consider the biggest barrier to buying a second hand electric car.

my wife would kill me if I brought another Twizy :rofl:

seriously the price on a second hand EV is still higher than an ICE car.

battery history is the other thing , a battery that has been fast charged will probably not last as long as a battery that has been slow charged.

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Is this a legitimate concern or is it more of a myth? Genuine question for anyone with technical knowledge.

And if so, is it possible to get a battery health check done?

I got the traction battery health checked on the smart EQ for four , cell voltages and times charged by my local dealer during the last service.

Heat is a major battery killer because it makes the batteries work harder. Battery is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electric energy.

Batteries are affected by humidity and temperature. If they are too hot or cold, they will exhibit behavior that is incongruent to their normal specifications. This is not a manufacturer’s defect but a consequence of using the battery in an environment that is not conducive to its specification.

It’s all about the purchase price and value for money.

Very hard to justify spending the difference if you have a perfectly good reliable working 5 year old Dacia Duster ICE car and don’t do that many miles so “payback” doesn’t offset the purchase price so easily.

There is also limited choice in the 2nd hand “cheap” market. I wouldn’t want to drop £6k on a Zoe without warranty as a repair on the battery charging system on that could easily be £2k of repair bills if it goes wrong. Zoe’s are not the most reliable beasts. Leafs are dull as ditchwater and the i-Miev is a fugly thing.

The idea of a Twizy appeals however as a 2nd vehicle because it’s still (just about) in the realms of the DIY’er to keep on the road when things go wrong. That said, it’s not a logical purchase however - it’s a semi-practical toy.

VW/Skoda/Seat have an interesting proposition with the e-up / Citigo but they dropped the ball with the poverty spec infotainment and the 3kw 1phase charging! The day that Dacia offer a £15k or less EV is the day they have my attention!

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Home charging grant funding is not available for second hand cars.

So if we want to get a 2 year old zoe, from a dealer, we need to pay a fortune to dig up the drive to get a convenient charger installed. The grants may only be £500 but getting a charger installed through a dealer as part of the package is alot better than hiring a private (dodgy) electrician, to install a charger.

It also adds to upfront cost, above finance or PCP payments and deposit.

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