What size of tyres can my twizy take?

Hi guys,

I have a standard twizy with the steelies, My fronts take 125/80/13 and rears take 145/80/13, Now I’m looking for winter tyres and there is so much more choice in the 145’s. Has anyone fitted 145’s to the front without causing any problems?

Thanks guys,

Where do you live and what kind of climate do you usually have in the winter?

Renault recommends the ContiWinterContact TS800 for the Twizy, which are available in the “right” dimensions for the standard rims. According to tests and Continental these are design for “central european winters”.

However if you, like I do, live in northern Europe where the winters are harsh with a lot of snow and especially ice these aren’t really meant for that. The only tyres i’ve found classified as “North Euopean winter tyres” are the ContiVikingContact in either 155/70R13 or 155/80R13.

Maybe someone here knows the tyre width limit on the Twizy?

I read somewhere on a German website that they had fitted rear tyres on the front of their Twiz and found the under steer was much reduced and preferred the general feel of the car. The down side, I would imagine, would be more surface area may increase power consumption.

I live in Scotland so nothing studded lol.

I have ordered 145’s in front and rear and hope they go on easy. I was in two minds on to get the conti’s or not. Although they are the best I could have got 4 falken eurowinters for £100! I use falken eurowinters on my ICE and they are ok. But I got the conti’s. £150 lighter now but I hope they will be good.

Keep us posted on how you get on :+1:

It’s starting to get a little colder now but not all the time. I think next few weeks I will try to fit them. They say once the tempreture is lower than 8c but I find when it’s lower than about 5c is when I put winters on my cars.