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What this OVMS all about?


I’m a newbee, just wondering what this OVMS is all about, i’m presuming its some type of app that talks to your twizy and gives you information? how to do use it?


Not quite as simple. You need something to go between the on board OVMS connector and an app. Then you get some additional info back out.
There are specific kits and app for the Twizy. The OVMS is more of a universal connection used on a number of modern cars…

OVMS was developed for the Tesla Roadster, but other vehciles like the twizy are supported. First you need the hardware for 150 to 200 £ and a sim-card. You connect it to the diagnosis port and it can read and write (!) on the CAN-BUS.
You can retrive and send info over the internet (with an app) or via sms. You can get all sorts of information like charging-level, range, notification if charging stopped, battery temperature, engery charged, position of twizy (GPS inclueded) and many more. You can change twizy’s parameters like maximum speed, maximum torque, regeneration strenght and all sort of things.
If you are interested, i can give you additional info about where to get it and so on.

I’d like to change my regeneration strength of my Twizy. Not worried about top speed as I don’t usually get chance or need to got faster. I didn’t know you could do this via the OVMS device. I thought that was read only on the CAN-BUS. Don’t see why it couldn’t work both ways though. I will get round to looking into this at some point soon. Just too much on at present. I did get the instructions for the OVMS project to read the details from the Twizy but that was all.

There are two regeneration-level. One when you lift your foot from the acceleration pedal and another when you press the brake pedal. So you can increase level one resonably and level two more (brake light activates). You can do that just by reprograming the controller via OVMS.
Increasing the regeneration reduces brake-abrasion, but sends higher current into the battery.

The controler has even an option BRAKELIGHT but you had to insert a relais between controler and brakelight. So you could program it to activate the brake light at a certain degree of decelaration without pressing the brake pedal.

Sounds just what I want to do. Thanks for the information.

As a reminder here is where the module comes from http://www.fasttech.com/product/1000300

has anyone changed the top speed of the twizy, does anyone know if it damages the batteries or anything similar…just wonder why the thing was set to maximum 52, to me it would be really useful if it went up to 55 or even 58, I do around 10 miles on dual carriageways and motorways…an extra touch of speed would be really useful…if its possible I may get hold of this and have a play…I would prefer much heavier regen to reduce mechanical brake usage…you can change it in the tesla as you want…