What wheels will fit a Twizy without adapters?

Has anybody tried wheels from a Citroen AX or Peugeot 106?

That was my initial thought when I was looking for winter wheels. However it does not work. :frowning:

Citroen AX and Peugeot AX have correct bolt pattern, but the center hole is too small. It might be possible to enlarge it with a lathe, but it will probably cost you more than the adapters. :confused:

what I suspected, then I need to find some original steel wheels. Can only use steel wheels for this project.

The other option I have been looking onto was working from the inside out. The main limitation to this is that they put the hub bearings into the disc rotor, this is to stay cheap. By having the hub pressed into the rotor you need a lot of meat on the rotor to strengthen it as there is a caliper grabbing it and as you get sideways force it will crack. The bigger the wheel the greater the force, but as they are only selling one tire they know the load will be low enough to get away with having it as this unconventional (cheap) one piece set up.
The Twizy has a 215mm dia brake disc and a 61mm centre. The 3 stud to 4 stud adapters look shady as they are only held in with 1 bolt all the way thru. Others that you bolt a plate to with an adapter spacer plate to 4 stud adds pushes the wheel out which loads up the bearing and you also mess with the pivot point as the wheel is turning in an arc rather than a point. I can’t use spacers or adapters in my country so I am looking at a more traditional seperate component solution. My initial thought was the Mini aftermarket brakes to fit inside their 10" wheels. But then you are stuck in an imperial PCD Austin wheel combos of 10x6 or 12x7 wheels and quite expensive/limited tires. The other avenue was the ATV/SSV/Quad bike even the fancy American Golf Carts are have disc brakes as the weight is similar to a Twizy. The Yamaha Grizzly has a very reliable disc brake setup and there are alot of aftermarket brake rotor combinations with a seperate floating disc like a Motorbike which is better for weight as it allows the hub assembly to flex independent of the caliper. But most ATVs use a double wishbone suspension instead of the Twizy McPherson strut setup. So the knuckle/steering spindle is a they bolt instead of a tube. You could make a steering knuckle to take the Quad/ATV disc,caliper and spindle and match it to the Twizy Strut, steering and lower ball joint.
But i thought about Kei Cars and other cars with a similar sized brakes to the Twizy. The 80’s K10 Nissan Micra has as a 215mm diameter disc on the front, it comes in 12mm thickness.
The Micra has a standard 4 x 100mm PCD which is used on most Jap/European cars. This has a spindle with hub and threaded bolts mounted to slide the brake disc over and then bolt the wheel on like a regular car and it only costs €22 for the rotor and €56 for the 4 stud hub. There may have to be a carrier adapter to align the k10 disc with the Twizy caliper mount.
This would allow you to run the same size wheels that look similar to the centre lock F3 ones as the Twizy F1, the Compomptive CXR 13 x6 and 13x8 wheels which are 4 stud and weigh 4.5kg

I think I’m going with this option http://www.daswolfgang.com/twizy-wheel-mod/

That way it is also possible to choose exactly the width I want. I’m going fit semi-slicks as it will only be used on sunny days anyways.

I’m going for the citroen AX wheels!
Just got the center holes machined bigger and later today I’ll try them on… remains to be seen how much work I’ll have to do with the mudguards :grin:

And the AX wheels are working!

Bolt pattern is not actually correct. Twizy seems to have a 3x100 pattern! I modified the bolt holes a little and got them on. Not the ideal solution but seems to work :ok_hand:t2:

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it works and looks cool without looking silly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great job. :slight_smile:

It’s possible to make extensions to the front fenders so they fit…

Just made some :grin: Looks a bit silly but works. They do rub on the body when fully turned though…

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