What will you do as soon as you will need a battery replacement?

Hello EV users or future EV users!
Helectra is a project under development that treats recycling, reutilisation and second life issues of EV battery packs. Would you contribute by answering these 10 questions?https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MHB7DPQ
Many thanks!

Done. But the survey does really work for Renault EV’s where the battery is not owned bu rented from Renault (RCI). In these cases a lot of the Renault EV owners would buy a battery to save monthly rentals. The Renault battery is owned by RCI so would go back to them not to be recycled by a third party.

Many thanks for your reply Osbrook!Of course, for leased packs, it comes to the manufacturer to decide what to do with the old packs.