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Whats a Twizy really worth?

Really love the Twizy. However, I have two campervans and just curious about the market in light of the Covid for the super cool electric vehicle? I have taken advantage of the uber quiet pose factor 100% in the lock down.

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I think anyone looking for more than £4-5k is pushing it. The £8k offerings with battery lease are frankly madness, but someone out there will eventually but one at that price without doing any research.
A fairly tidy one was for sale here the last few weeks for £2500. Cheap I feel for what was for sale.

For example.
At the start of the year Renault were selling 2019, zero miles twizy with doors for £6,000.
Brand new made to order before Christmas 2019 they were £9000 with every optional extra.
Now they are £11,000 brand new all options with battery included.

A few months ago I was having a look at twizy prices and watching them on autorader etc. Then all of a sudden they started disappearing rapidly and for a period there were none available. I thought to myself and said to a few people that someone is buying these cars up.
Well, Sarah Cox Cars would be that someone!
Clever strategy because now they have almost all of the cars for sale and are trying to drive the market and price up.

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Yes…at one stage they had 8 Twizy’s in stock and they’ve whackked-up the prices on all of them …


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I have a spreadsheet of registrations- colours, specs, prices and dates - the data analyst in me coming out.

3 months ago they had none on stock - as I spoke to them about purchasing one they advertised that wasnt a real car.

In the last 3 months there was a high of £7500 for a powerboxed 15" wheel combo - and a low of a black panoroof with alloys for sub £3000. The F1 rep has been for sale - now reduced a little in price to £9000. And the real F1 Oakley has been for sale a few days at £30000 and not sold - surprised it isnt in a collection somewhere already. I agree the £12,000 Renault Croyden wanted for a 5 year old one makes me smile.

The more mature markets - Germany/ Holland - have a similar price variation. Condition goes along way - easy to scratch plastic everywhere - exposed rusty areas etc.
Breakable gloveboxes - charger flaps - handbrakes.

Next time a total stranger asks about your car - get them value it. £4000 for a rare car - many people have never seen - that looks like a rocket league hot wheels car… that’s electric…seems a bargain to me!

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Problem is that most of them are still for sale!
Also, if you don’t have ALL the stock available, you’ve artificially pushed the price up and will find it hard to buy reasonable priced stock later on.

I still think £4-5k is reasonable for a car that was £10k new and is 6-8 years old.

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seems reasonable , 2k for a 8 year old twizy and 2k for the owned battery pack , £4k

Thought it might be a good idea to reply in this thread as we do follow this forum regularly with interest. We wanted to explain that we were one of the early adopters and used to sell them in 2016 for £3,000
We more than anybody understand the true value of this unique vehicle, it is just now that the general public is beginning to think of personal electric vehicles especially following the COVID-19 pandemic
Also for anyone already owning a Twizy the value of there investment we feel has risen exponentially courtesy of our business model

Our prices do include free nationwide collection and delivery, handling of battery lease paperwork which most would agree is a nightmare with RCI at times, full checkover, powerbox upgrade if required, battery health status, trim repairs where necessary, tyres and brakes to be of a retail standard… we do not just buy and do nothing and sell at a profit…

To be clear we absolutely love Renault twizys we have a real passion for them and really do bring these ultra cool cars to the attention of people that have never even seen these cars before and have put many smiles on our customers faces with our twizys

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Anything, and that includes the Twizy, is only worth how much a buyer is prepared to pay.
No doubt the market value of the Twizy seems to have held up very well for the last couple of years or so, due to supply and demand. I can remember a time, just a few years back, when you couldn’t give it away.

Hi Mark.
I totally agree with you, and looking at the quality of your stock of twizy and other brands it is clear you’re not a “Discount Dave” trying to make a quick buck. I don’t think anyone would suggest that either.
Like @askho says, things are only worth what people are willing to pay. If they are selling, then that’s the market value.
It’s what I find funny about real estate. People are given a ‘value’ from an estate agent and then refuse to accept their property is actually worth less than that when receiving consistent offers below that value.

I also agree that your business model has significantly increased the value of second hand twizy, and whilst the market is good you should capitalise. Everything has gone up in value on the second hand market. Try finding a bicycle that’s reasonably priced. Some are selling second hand for more than they were new! It’s a sellers market because production of everything has reduced. All of a sudden the consumer throw away market is diminishing.

Just to reiterate, I don’t think you’ve done anything but run a reasonable business and capitalised on assets and a market. Good for you. I thought pretty much at the similar time of doing the same and considered setting up a twizy specific dealership, but you beat me to it (and had the already operating business to support it)!!
That doesn’t mean to say I can’t think to myself that near £8,000 for a twizy that is 6 years old still with battery lease is something I’d consider, and I know that serious buyers often research on forums like this so we all need to consider what we say.
But, I’d never sell mine!! I love it.

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Jeff, very well put. We all have opinions but its good that you have expanded with some very valid points about the current climate. As you say, Mark has placed himself in a great position in such a slender market. I have loved my Twizy and have raved about the coolness of them way before i bought it.

6 years ago i sold a 1972 mini 1275 GT for £7500 to fund my campervan. I knew owning the GT was better than money in the bank and would appreciate £1000 annually. But I had made the decision, and went down the campervan route. Imagine my surprise when i saw that they were appearing recently on the market for £35,000. I tell myself that the months of enjoyment I have had in the campervan would have far outweighed the time i could have ever possibly spent driving the GT, so that’s how I console myself.

No doubt this will happen for the Twizy as it already a modern classic. It’s really about supply and demand.

classic Minis are the way forward Andy :heart_eyes:

1968 997 Cooper rally car.

1976 blown gt 1275 race car.

1986 Portuguese mini moke.

Retirement money :joy: and dinosaur fuel fun :partying_face:

but also love my battery powered fun :rofl:

My 68 Cooper S. Sold just before the 1275GT for £7000 . Hate to think what that’s worth now (although your quite probably going to inform / depress me ) :neutral_face:

Bonkers :smiley:

:crazy_face: I wouldn’t say but sure you could buy at least two twizy’s at todays inflated prices :rofl:

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I used to have a few Peugeot 205 Gti.
Like all things that end up having a ‘cult’ following, they end up increasing in desirability and value.
I miss my 205 :disappointed:

I am very interested in your Twizy research. Kwh-hunter, may I ask, Is mine on your database? It is a Twizy Colour GK13 BHX. It was one of the ones bought to be hired out on the Isle of Wight.

An interesting thing about values, after the hire-company went bust, the second owner bought my Twizy from the finance company for half what I paid for it 4 years later! However he did have the genuine alloy wheels, reversing sensors and Parrot fitted by a Renault dealer, plus a superb quality, genuine Renault cover which I had never seen before.
I am amazed at the current interest from the public when they see my Twizy, every single time I go out in it I am approached by people wanting to know more about it. A staggering number of people say they have never heard of the Twizy, it says a lot about not only Renault’s poor marketing strategy, but also reflects badly on the dealers who, in my experience have almost all, shown no interest in the Twizy, a vehicle which, to this day is unique. There is nothing like it, that dreadful Biro, even the Zoe and electric Smart, do not interest me in the slightest, as soon as I saw a picture of a Twizy, I vowed that I would buy one. It is truly individual and a design classic which deserves further subtle refinement, providing it does not spoil its enormous character or push the price up too much!

I am pleased to see that the Cambridge Renault dealer that I visited 2 years ago during my search has had the courage, and good sense, to stock a new unregistered Twizy. As far as I know this is the only new one in the country available for immediate delivery.

As far a Sarah Cox cars is concerned, I don’t understand why they don’t negotiate with RCI and sell every one of their Twizy stock free of battery lease. I would buy their low mileage Cargo if I had the funds. Take no notice of the armchair experts, having myself spent 18 years in the motor trade, in the past, I know full well that cars are only worth what people will pay for them. The same applies to property, shares, jewellery and anything else. The prices for Twizys achieved on eBay have certainly moved up in the last 12 months. I have watched every one that has been listed and bear in mind, the price achieved on eBay is a “trade” price and less than you would rightly expect to pay at a dealer who has properly prepared a car and sells them with a warranty.

My biggest concern for every Twizy owner is what insurance companies will pay out in the event of a total loss. I am not sure that my insurance company will pay out the initial purchase price never mind the enhanced market value of a replacement Twizy.

I tried to research the Isle of Man Twizys from the hire company - they bought them from Lake District hire that went bust?

The market will again change when larger battery options are avaliable. In the next 12 months the 100hp upgrades will also change things for the better.
Mine is insured through Adrian flux with an approved value. The same as my highly modified mx5 - this covers all modifications and parts - and gives me a fixed reassurance of what I will receive if something bad happens.

I’ve been working in sustainability for 20 years and people are finally getting it - kids are forcing their parents to think differently as schools now focus on “eco” and it is slowly getting into all our day to day lives.

I wonder if Mark has ever thought about offering a pick up and drop off Twizy “service”? I know alot of us work on them ourselves - but as he has seen more Twizys than most of us - his expertise could help us.There is no way I am going to a Renault dealer with it!

I don’t know about any Twizys on the Isle of Man but the the Isle of Wight Twizys, including mine, were bought new (on finance) from the Renault dealer in Ashford, Kent in 2012/2013 by the company that initially had a Twizy hire operation in the New Forest. They collaborated with Red Funnel the ferry company and one deal they offered was a return ferry journey from Southampton and a days hire of a Twizy for £49. The scheme started in March 2016 but failed in the August. To support the initiative the company had obtained secured funding of around £40,000 from the Isle of Wight Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Money was spent on providing a large number of charging points on the Island. The idea was that you were never more than 2 miles away from a charging point. There is wonderful video onYouTube showing the ferry which carried just the fleet of Twizys from Southamton to Cowes. Mine can be seen being driven off the ship. I also have a photo which clearly shows my Twizy parked with the others in Yarmouth (Isle of Wight not Norfolk!) immediately after they were driven from the ferry.
The following links might be of use to anyone who is interested.

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Well I’ve been lurking for over a year as the idea of the Twizy has grown on me, but was always put off the idea due to the battery rental until now when RCI seem to allow battery rental buy-outs and Renault now sell the car without lease.

I can’t see why the prices have gone up so much though - it’s not like people are paying £9k for a used battery lease Twiz now surely?

That said, I did like the look of one car here: https://www.sarahcoxcars.co.uk/used-cars/renault-twizy-expression-auto-newark-202006069861489 as the battery is already owned and has a Type 2 conversion pre-installed. Then I did some digging online and found a bunch of YouTubers abusing the poor little thing on a Skatepark

I bet the bottom of the chassis is well dented having been grounded on skate ramps and the doors might have closing issues after these lads were hanging off them. All of a sudden £6911 seems overpriced given its history and that it’s a 12 plate!

Then there’s this on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2020-RENAULT-TWIZY-EXPRESSION-FULLY-ELECTRIC-ONLY-650-MILES/224076120131
£10,500 for an almost new battery lease model when you can spend £10,995 on a spanking new battery owned Twizzy. Bonkers.

I suppose what I really need to do is to test drive a Twiz for myself (easier said than done!), decide if it’s really for me then make a serious hunt for a privately owned one that’s not has the stuffing knocked out of it. Don’t see many for sale in Southampton or the surrounding area right now.