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Whats it like in the back of a Twizy?

A tad windy I hear. :lol:

Cold, claustrophobic and draughty…but still fun :smiley:

Yep riding in the back is not as fun as driving but I’d imagine its nicer than the back of a motorbike

Yep riding in the back is not as fun as driving but I’d imagine its nicer than the back of a motorbike

just having had a test drive in a Twizy I can comment on the rear seat.
The dealership where I had the Testdrive is located on a very busy Main Road and they don’t allow you to drive the car straight away.
So I had my first test drive in the rear to a local car park where I swapped places.
I must admit that I was not expecting the rear seating to be very nice, but was pleasantly surprised!
It is no worse than getting in and out of a Two door car where the drivers seat has to be moved forward.
As my Dad used to say, “A Second Class ride is better than a First Class walk!” :smiley:



Its ok in the bad with more room than you originally think, but the driver gets the better deal.
We find it works well for children and supple younger passengers, but the older ones struggle to get in and out. Its ok for a short journey, but the combination of the claustrophobic feeling, the weather and the risk of headbutting the front seatback in an accident prevent me from taking anyone in the back very far!

In the summer it would be quite nice, but now, in the winter it is very cold and windy in the back without windows.

Thats my eldest in the video.

There was more windy footage but she had her eyes closed and leaning to one side.

It either gave the impression it would cause you to pass out, or its so calm you would fall asleep.

I have been in the back of mine loads of times whilst letting my son drive. I can tell you it is very cold in the back, much worse than the front.

A neat little video: although I have to advise you get a booster seat or seatbelt adaptor so that younger kids can sit comfortably in the back with the seatbelt properly fitting.

At that height, the diagonal part of the seatbelt doesn’t fit snugly and won’t protect a child passenger in an accident. :frowning:

These are smaller than a booster cushion, but just as safe. And they fit nicely in the glovebox of the Twizy :wink:

I do use a booster, but this day my wife took it in the other car.

bad form I know.

`Oh… You’re forgiven then :wink:

The solution suggested would help alleviate that. Luckily my kids were “pre-grown” aged 6 and 7, so we only did the booster thing for about 18 months before they were legally old enough to not need them :slight_smile:

Damn shame Renault did not develop the built in booster idea.

I use a Graco Junior Maxi but my lad still faceplants the front seat back if I brake hard. Hmm.

If you turn the back seat squab over and re-insert it it becomes a booster but think the Safety Police had something to say as the squab is riveted in by the factory. (It drills out really easy at your own risk and responsibility). I can take some pictures if you would like.

Faceplants are for people who use brakes… (but then I 'spose we should be more careful with a small one in the back. Ours are bigger than us now.)

Mine was wrenched out by someone, rivet and all. The fixings aren’t strong enough to keep it in place. It was a good idea, axed before proper development.

Re: brakes-brake or T-bone the blind driver who pulls out in front of you…

Being 6 feet 4 inches, I found it “snug” but with the correct winter clothing it’s fine. I bought a decent balaclava helmet yesterday - this, along with long thermal socks and the problem is solved. I actually found it pretty cosy. My legs are very long, 37 inside leg, so I had no problem with the height. I never buy a car where my head is grazing the roof - plenty of clearance in the Twiz though. If you haven’t already seen it, check out my vid http://youtu.be/nD6UthPoQwM and you can see for yourself.

My other daughter finds the rock hard suspension and cold wind blowing around her head quite relaxing!