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Whats the opinion on Main Dealers

HI guys

Im afraid I blew a fuse (heh heh) on this thread


When I followed it right from the start. I could not possibly trust a sticky throttle like that and would have to fetch it out and put a stronger spring in or something like that - so dangerous (like the Fiat Punto electric power steering that fails intermittently and which Fiat refuses to acknowledge - google this well known fault - can cost £850 to fix)

I am beginning to form a picture of R as in total denial for any Twizy faults - is their 5 yr guarantee worthless then? Is R back pedalling on the Twizy with Dealers selling off at half price and R refusing Px on another model. It sounds as if they are going to dump the model cos its costing too much money?

Anymore insight on this

But on the positive side, I think the Twizy is a fantastic concept, badly managed. If I were a rich man, I would buy out the Twizy from R and distribute it quite differently. You cant market it like its an ICE car - cos its not. Its more in the realm of a quad and if you look at that market, its populated by enthusiasts who dont whinge about shortcomings (and there are many), instead they get stuck in and work around issues. If you tried to review a quad with an ICE car hat on you would be roundly dismissed as a pompous fool and covered in cow dung like many quads.

I think the Twizzy should be treated in the same way as the quad market and the owner should be fully embraced and welcomed into the inner workings. I would also make a proper deal over the batteries, like HP so you own your battery, not some sleazy lease deal (its as bad as injet printers where a new set of ink cartridges costs as much as a new printer - unless you do it the pirate way when its a tenth of the cost). The battery doesnt have to be an issue, Lions are very reliable with all the safeguards built in and have a reasonably predictable life - unlike SLAs. Its all down to the number of recharge cycles and this can be monitored by http://www.openvehicles.com/. Its not rocket science, just a different set of skills needed

BTW anyone ever ridden on a quad on the main road - I have - its seriously scary and lethal at speed especially over bumps.

So despite the negativity - I really want one but on my terms, no lease. I would never allow myself to be stitched up like that. I predict these will become cults cars like the Bond Bug etc.

I am sure if I wait thru to autumn one will come my way on Ebay

Well thats my rant, sorry


BTW I have owned a Khalkhoff Agattu Ebike for 4 years now, used fairly regularly recharged once a week, so 200 - 250 cycles and Im just noticing a slight tail off in range 20 mile vs 30 new. FYI its a very clever and competent piece of top quality kit from Germany, 100% reliable http://www.50cycles.com/. Same price now as back then but I has been a life saver in my hilly area and arthritis - so its probably worth say £500 (to allow for new battery) so £250 pa for good transport, thats not so bad. I will fit my own batteries for ca £40 rather than the £400 quid the Dealer wants but thats what nerds do. It has a very enthusiastic user group - definitely not mickey mouse like so much earlier chinese junk which gave the whole Ebike market a very bad name for a long time

So I hope the Twizy goes that positive way.