What's the partnumber for the headlights?

The glass on the headlights broke on both lights this winter. Can I replace the glass only? (Doesn’t look like it)
And replacement headlights, does anyone have the partnumber for the original or a 3rd party drop-in?


Your dealer knows the part numbers best. Be prepared to pay €120,- each. When you measure te diagonal you can search for a (led-) alternative. Keep us updated!

Why did they break in the winter? They should be able to with stand the cold. If not it should be a free replacement.

I’m not syre. Could be road grit or rocks, or thermal shock when driving in snowy rain.

I’ve asked for a qoute from my dealer on a replacement, we’ll see where it ends up. Probably overpriced though.

@osbrook When the glass gets hot, a cold gust of water will do the trick.