Wheel adapters

Hey guys,

Has anyone got any, or know where to get wheel adapters from twizy 3 stud to 4 stud?



Thanks, saw these and emailed them but no reply yet. Wondered if there were any others?

They were very responsive and helpful when I asked, so just hold your breath, I’m sure they’ll get back to you.

And please feel free to provide updates on your project - wheels, tyres, mudguards if appropriate. I for one would be very interested :slight_smile:

That’s good to know :grin:

Ok so I’m planning the first phase of modifications for my Twizy which I’ve had for over a year now. I’ve already done a few bits and covered quite a bit of stuff on my YouTube channel (Andy kirby) but I’m looking to first sort out the understeer and handling issues before I get into increasing power etc.

I’m looking at different rim types and I’m currently trying to work out whether to stay 13 inch but go wider (6-7inch) or increase the size to 15 inch. I like the look of the deep dish style rims a few guys have used on here, they certainly look the part as well as improving the handling without messing up the gearing.

Any advice would be great from those who have done it and some light(ish) rim recommendations wouldn’t go a miss either :grin:

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I have four German made adapters for sale. The width of the adapters is calculated to give the wider wheels the same offset. The wider wheels are orginal Renault Clio. They hold brutal Pirelli tyres. I made bolt-on mudguards using the original mudguard frames. Be aware that making fitting mudguards for the Twizy takes time.

I’ll try to place some pictures here.

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Ahh shame you weren’t a bit sooner, I just received the Elia ones anyway. I’ll show some pictures shortly.
Ive seen your car on here before and it looks great. I like the red springs, are they different springs?

Haha, yes my timing is always superb :blush:
The springs are standard. I painted them. They deserve it .

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Here’s the progress!

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Yet another great info vid…keep them coming Andy :+1:.

Thanks :grin:

Also if anyone is wondering the legalities of running without fenders (mud guards) on the Twizy, I just got stopped by a police roadblock and directed into a temporary VOSA inspection area in Essex. The police and inspectors fully checked over the car (which I started to get a bit concerned about) but in the end they seemed more interested in chatting to me about the Twizy.:sweat_smile:


Did they say anything about the lack of mud-guards (fenders)…been wondering about that as you see a few Hot Rods with wheels/tyres outside the body.

Not a thing. maybe becuase the wheels look fairly OEM. The Twizy is a Quadricycle so i’m not sure the car rules apply (wheels must not protrude the wheel arches) the spray on very wet roads is an issue so I am in process of trying to get some fenders made.



Hi all, does anyone have a link/contact for the wider wheel arches please?

Hi. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Where did you get the wider wheel arches please?

They are mostly home made.
A quick search on google showed Elia tuning sell some.

They do a few things for the twizy.

Thank you!

Or caterham wings are avaliable at the half price…

That is a good suggestion!