Wheel Alignment

I have my car booked in for the wheel alignment to be checked. Can anyone advise on the correct/recommended alignment settings, or if they opted for totally straight or a small amount to toe in on the front - and if so how much?

I done mine totally straight but the rears are supposed to be toed in slightly as its rear wheel drive.
I ended up buying a trak rite £47 .its easy to do on the twizy as everything is exposed and easy to adjust.
No one seems to know the twizy factory settings .
Good luck.

Front and rear 0 degrees +/- 1 degree


Thank you.
I got my cargo checked. Both front and back were out and I set both front and back to 0 degrees. After adjustment the handling is significantly lighter and the range leapt by about 10 miles - though the latter might be due to the excellent weather we are enjoying in Scotland.

I experienced the same immense leap in range when I had my Cargo checked at the German Twizy Treffen last year. I managed to drive more than 100 km with it afterwards. Driving slowly of course :relieved: