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Wheel balancing

Last night I was sticking some red reflective tape to the rear mudguards to make the Twizy a bit more noticeable at night.
Doing the left hand side I noticed a Nail embedded in the tyre :frowning:
First thing this morning I went to my local tyre place.
They quickly removed the wheel and pulled the nail out, only to find it was only about 5mm Long.
It was also in at an angle so no damage was done :slight_smile:
While I was there I got them to balance the front wheels, I have had a steering wheel wobble at 52mph for a while.
Straight from the factory the wheels (Standard Steel) have no balance weights fitted, not surprising the wheels are out of balance!
Both wheels required 40 Gram & 30 Gram weights fitted inside and out.
The guy told me not to bother with the rears.
Cost was £3.50 a wheel so a massive £7 in total :lol:
The wobble has now totally disappeared and the car now feels so much smoother at all speeds.
So anyone who has a wobble get those wheels balanced!


I put a new wheel and tyre on mine a few months back, and didn’t bother balancing, due to the low t speed.
none of my wheels are balanced straight from the factory.
Good to see an improvement, might do mine now.