Wheel modification

Hi chaps,
I have just completed a wheel modification to my Twizy. I’ve put this in a BLOG if your interested. I’m going to be complimenting the mod with the Bluetooth Powerbox to try and retain some of the performance lost from the move to wider wheels, so if your interested just subscribe to my BLOG and you should be kept up to date.

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Looks great Andy :+1:.

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Thanks Lloyd :slight_smile:

Hi Andy, what a difference and well done! Are you going to get new mudguards fabricated as well?

Not sure 100% which way I am going to go with the mudguards. I could buy some in from Elia Tuning but I’m not sure if they would be too wide for the fronts ( http://shop.elia-ag.de/epages/ELIATuning_DesignAG44790882.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/ELIATuning_DesignAG44790882/Products/017610 ). Alternatively I could go down the route of buying in some open wheeled guards for a kit car but I don’t think this would be any cheaper than the Elia ones. I’m going to take my time in my decision. I need to curb my spending a little as I have been sinking more money than i should have done over the last couple of months into the Twizy. I know that this will limit when I can use the car as I will draw too much attention to the fact I don’t have mudguards if I start using it in the wet.