Wheel trim

Have gone with steel wheels but don’t like the trim I have seen on a couple of posts that people have gone for 13” wheel trims. I don’t have a clue about stuff like this but will any universal 13” wheel trim fit?? I’m looking at these
Sorry if this is a dumb question

They should do. Steal rims tend to be all standardised.

Cheers mate not a massive outlay if they don’t

I am almost certain that those wheel-trims will fit but what you really need are these!

Nah, what he needs to do is get the steelies banded :wink: :+1:.


Banded wheels are exactly that, a steel wheel made wider by welding a band of steel into it. Makes them wider but not better looking. But the tyres will then detract from the wheel. An expensive option compared to the plastic inserts. Just different.

I beg to differ mate…banded steelies look much better than normal steelies as they get a bit of a deep dish to them = better looking …ie…

It’s the tyres that distract from the steel wheels that make them look better. That and every one is stood going aren’t those wheels illegal sticking out from the body with no mudguard!

Yes they are illegal, but someone has to do something about it. Also watch the insurance company who will use the wide wheels as an excuse not to pay out. Buggers!

For me the wide wheels do look good.

Personally I do not like the Twizy steel wheels, the alloys just look so much better. My insurance company asked if I had alloy wheels AND if they were the approved Renault accessory type. With those wide steel wheels, I see three problems, 1. The insurance angle, 2. They are illegal in the UK with no mudgaurds, 3. What extra strain are they putting on steering and suspension components that were not designed for them?
Personally I don’t consider it is worth the risk, but each to his own…

@W0lfgang…Andy, any problems with your banded steels?