When is the new Twizy Mk II expected?

I haven’t been following the car industry for very long, but I am in IT business. And I can tell, car business moves forward way slower than IT.
When you can expect an upgrade of a computer model or smartphone about every year or every 1.5 years, within 1.5 years the car industry is largely the same.

So can anyone make an educated guess about when the new Twizy 2 could be expected to be announced or released? Is it fall 2014, maybe within 2015 or when hell freezes over (spring 2020)?

I really have no idea how the agenda of the car industry works.

Not seen anything anywhere, no prototypes, disguised facelifts etc, no news.

I’m guessing that the sales were disappointing and the funding is less than expected to update so quickly. Renault are probably learning lessons along the way as it was a cutting edge project and will modify it as needed when they know what to do.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Twizy II now. I would imagine Renault learnt a lot from the Twizy, and this knowledge will go into future EVs, just not necessarily a Twizy.

I hope I’m wrong though. If they made a Twizy II that fixes the problems of the first one, with a much greater range, I think they could have a hit.