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Where and how did you hear about the Twizy for the first time?

I was just wondering to myself how everyone on here came to hear about the Twizy and thought I’d ask the question. There hasn’t really been a massive amount of promotion by Renault, especially throughout winter so how did you hear about it?

I first came across the Twizy when I was interested in buying a new car and thought I’d see what new cars were coming out in the year ahead. This was January 2012. I stumbled upon the Z.E part of the Renault website and was hooked on the Twizy pretty much straight away. It was such a unique concept and I couldn’t believe it was going to be available to buy. I toyed with the idea for a while, not taking myself seriously, before actually weighing everything up and figuring it would be a much better way of getting to work than using the train.

I booked a test drive as soon as it was available and just made up my mind to take the plunge and buy one. I then started this forum as I had lots of questions but nowhere to turn, I was the guinea pig if you like. I found osbrook on the Renault websites forum and he was the first member here besides me. He was instrumental in growing this website because of his enthusiasm for the Twizy and his interesting posts.

So how did you come across the Twizy? Did any of you see one on the roads and then decide to investigate further?

My wife, Jenny came home a few weeks ago and said she’d seen this incredibly cool little Renault going to work that morning. I had one of the first Smart cars in the country in the 90s so immediately my interest was piqued. When I found out that it was all- electric, I was sold. Then came the fiasco with the local dealer. Fortunately along came T.O. member Mender and we had a great buying experience. Owning the Smart was pretty incredible but the Twizy just blows it away!!

As you all know, I used to be a full-time motoring journalist, so when Renault announced the Twizy I was all over it…but in a bad way.

As someone on her 8th electric car and someone who started her EV journey in a small tiny bubble car, I didn’t think the Twizy was going to make it. On a press trip to Portugal to drive the Kangoo ZE and Fluence, I gave the press team a really hard time. “It’ll be another G-Wiz” I said. “It’ll be a pain to drive. And cold! Who wants that?!”

(For the record, I got a free G-Wiz about 4 years ago and drove it for two years. It was a love-hate relationship)

So the PR guys just smiled sweetly and said they thought I should try one. I missed the official launch, but when I had four of my EV/motoring journo friends who had gone on it raving at me about it (@antonyingram @nufkin, @bobbyllew and @failblunderbird on twitter) I decided I should get a review car for a few days.

I fully expected to write a rather mean review about it – I still wasn’t convinced. But when the car arrived, and i started to drive it, I couldn’t get enough.

I had the review car for 5 days, and I think I put over 1,000 miles on it. And here’s the review I wrote.

As many motoring journalists will tell you, the measure of a good car you’ve had on review is the desire to not give it back when the press team come to pick it up.

I’ve only ever had three vehicles in my career that I’ve wanted to keep hold of: The Nissan Leaf, the Zero DS electric motorcycle, and the Twizy.

I have purchased both a Leaf and Twizy, with my own cold, hard-earned cash :slight_smile:


This is a theme I’ve noticed a lot with the Twizy.

Many people are overly critical of it until they either drive one or go for a ride as a passenger in one.

Then most people actually fall in love with it and say they’d love to own one.

Les, where does your wife work? Where did she see one? Would be interesting to know if it was anyone’s Twizy from this site.

I can’t remember when I first saw the Twizy, but it will be through a magazine. I think it was when Renault unveiled their range of EV prototypes. At that time the Twizy had enclosed wheel covers. I thought it looked smashing.
I have always liked weird and idiosyncratic cars. I used to collect 2CVs. Had 4 of them at one time, all at the same time!! When I see one going, I just can’t help myself but get it. Hope this doesn’t happen with the Twizy. No, it won’t happen, I am older and hopefully wiser now! I had a Nissan S-Cargo not that long ago. And a few months ago I got rid of my Toyota IQ. There are rumours that Toyota will bring out an electric IQ. Now that’s one I will definitely have.
I have always been facinated by electric vehicles. Many years ago I had an electric assisted bike called Zike. I have looked at all the other EVs on the market but they all look so daft and ugly, ie until the Twizy came along. It looks SO COOL!!! So why did it take so long before I made the jump for the Twizy. Intially I really object to having to pay a monthly payment for the battery. To me it was just like having to pay for petrol. To me the whole point of a EV is that I am almost self sufficent, ie I just plug it in at home, don’t have to rely on any outsider. But I must say over a period of time, I am gradually beginning to see the sense of the monthly rental. So there you are, my Twizy is coming Monday.

Sure I have said this elsewhere, but Saw it at New Brighton Kite Festival, then saw it as an auction prize at my daughters school to have it for a weekend. Won it, had it (see vid below) then spent 3-4 months working out if I could afford it and if it would work for me. October got it and loved it since.

Jenny works in Leigh on Sea, Essex. She saw the Twizy at the junction of Progress Rd and Eastwood Rd at around 7.25 in the morning.

That could have been me if it was a white/green Twizy Colour which I bought in Oct 12… There is also a black Twizy Technic in Eastwood Rd…The manager of Hometec next to F1 Auto has one.

I first read about the Twizy in Auto Express and thought it really quirky but not that practical… I had put Solar Panels on my house in April and realised I could maximise my energy savings by using the Twizy for a £1 charge. I needed to save money in my household budget… Getting rid of my second car (petrol costs, tax and finance), and using Electric was logical.