Where are all the Scottish Twizys?

Where are all the Scottish Twizys? There’s me, John in Aberdeen (my old twizy) and a chap in Perth, sorry cant remember the name. Where are all the other Twizys in Scotland? There used to be two in dundee, but one went to Orkney, and is now down south after that epic journey (4 days)! The other one, I used to see quite often on the road between dundee and Arbroath, but haven’t seen it for ages. My wee twizy is feeling lonely! Let us know where you all are!

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There is another one here in Aberdeen. We are both planning in attending the EV day at the Grampian Transport Museum on the 1st of April. http://www.gtm.org.uk/events/easter-sunday-electric-vehicles-exhibtion/

Don’t think mine would make it without a couple of charging stops!! Haha

It would in the back of the Dodge :slight_smile:


Just saw another guy on the Leaf Facebook page in Leven, Fife. Suggested he comes here :slight_smile:

What size vans take a Twizy or possibly 2?

I am thinking of attending the ev event in Aberdeen but cannot spare the time to travel there and back. I wondered about hiring a van to take my Twizy up there.

My twizy fits in a transit van

Grampian transport Muesum?

There still one in Orkney. Johnathan from eco cars has one.

I’m in Carnoustie, and there’s one in Perth. The one from Orkney…is that not the one that the bloke drove down to Leeds or somewhere and made a wee film about it?

I have one in Glasgow!

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My dogs love going in the back seat of the twizy. Just enough room for two spaniels. They stick their noses out the holes where the doors meet the windows!

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There’s a thing. Went on twizy blogspot to try and order those wee wind deflector things for the Renault windows/door gap. They don’t seem to sell them any more, and I’d really like a set. Any ideas anyone?