Where have all the Twizy's gone!

I have been looking for a used Twizy for a while now, we are moving around Nov so need to get one to get to the station, but cannot buy it too early due to our current place having no Garage / charging for it.

On auto trader there was quite a few last month, and I expected as the Summer drew to a close to see even more become available, but if anything the reverse has happened lol

Will keep a good eye out as moving date gets closer

I guess the thing is that the pool of used Twizys is quite small, so there is not really a constant supply. I think there are plenty of buyers who are prepared to embrace the quirky little Twizy who don’t want to buy a new one as the price is too high. I also noticed that used prices vary massively.

Yes I originally was looking at new, but the cost vs. used and lead times are so prohibitive to make it not worth exploring really