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Where to buy rear brake discs?

I’ve been looking for an online seller of rear brake discs for my Twizy 2016 MAM_ 80 13 KWh. So far the only thing I can find are the Borg items and several people in this forum have warned against buying those so I need an alternative.

I live in Sweden and bought my Twizy in February of 2017. In October of 2018 I had to have the rear brakes replaced for 1400€ (13.800 SEK) due to excessive scraping and wear. Then, in April of 2019, I had to have the front brakes replaced for 550€ (5.300 SEK) for the same reason and now the authorized service center Bilia is saying I need to replace the entire brake system for over 3000€ (28.000 SEK). Obviously I won’t be doing that on a vehicle that I bought new 3 ½ years ago for 9000€ so I have to do it myself. Renault says it’s not a warranty issue and Swedish Consumer Agency is pretty clear that I can’t claim manufacturing fault.

Got the front brakes and pads from eBay in Germany for about 180€ incl. freight but can’t find rear brakes anywhere. Anyone know of a supplier?

Prøv at kontakte Biglu33 her på listen, de skal godt nok fra thailand, men han kan måske hjælpe…
Try to contact Biglu33 here on the list, they are probably from Thailand, but he might be able to help …

@Biglu33 PM?

Got a quote from Bilia yesterday. 7300 SEK (about 700€) for both discs and pads. Just material costs. They only sell it attached to the spindle, I might add.

just the disk and bearing assembly or the hub?

Disk and bearing only, from what I gathered, no hub. It did include new pads and the disc was attached to the spindle.