Where to source replacement Twizy charger flap?

Hi folks,

The plastic lid / flap on my Twizy fell off somewhere and i’m wondering who i can contact to get a replacement?
It’s the plastic lid with the letters ZE marked on it…

Any UK based Twizy spare part website you could recommend?

Much appreciated!!


this one cost about 20£ at the dealer of your choice.

For this amount I wouldn‘t expetiment :wink:

Or if you like to experiment, try this :wink:

BTW : Epoxy for metal surfaces seems to stick the best to the type of plastic the flap is made of.

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Only works if you have the flap to reattach

very true :wink:

Had the same, noticed the plastic had some stretch marks, seemed like a production falure. My renault dealer replaced it for free.

Mine ripped off yesterday too leaving the hinges on place so I’ll need a new unit. Anyone got the Renault part number?