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Which car survey

I have just filled in the which car survey. Thought it might be worth Twizy owners inputting as they need so many responses for each car and the EV cars may be lost.

Dear Chris

Thank you for completing the 2013 Which? Car Survey. We really appreciate your input and need your help to make this the UK’s biggest and most reliable car survey ever!

If you have friends and family with cars, we would be very grateful if you could send them this email invite. The more people who feedback on their cars, the more models Which? can report on and the more people we can help buy the right car in the future.

Simply forward this email and ask them to complete the survey – they don’t need to be a member of Which? and they could be in with a chance of winning a year’s worth of fuel.

Click here to take part.

Thank you and best wishes
The Which? Cars Team

I have done it!

Done it, but a licence for a million sales calls?

You can only access the results as a member of WHICH…