Which EV for £6k?

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of EVs but been afraid of range and battery problems, plus the cost of new cars. The e-Up! is twice the price of the Up! GTI!!

Anyway, I’ve just got myself a new job which is less than 5 miles from home and the have an EV charging point in the car park. I don’t suppose there’s a better time to buy an EV. With about £6k to spend, what would you suggest?

I’d probably recommend an old Leaf to be honest.

You can pick up a Twizy or Zoe with that money but you have the added cost of battery rental, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting an EV in your case.

There really isn’t much else that will fit within that budget unfortunately!

I’ve looked at Zoe battery rental cost and I’m not put off by it. I’d save money compared to my current commute. If we used the Zoe more and our other car less, it would be cheaper still.

Zoe battery lease for 3 years would be £1764 so a car with a battery at £7700 or so would be just as good.

I think you answered your own question then :wink:

Your choice is limited to:

  • G-Wiz

  • Twizy

  • Zoe

  • Leaf

As James pointed out, I think for the milage you’re best off going for a car without battery rental. However if you’re not put off by that, the go for it! Driving the Twizy has completely convinced me to buy electric going forward.

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