Which is better?

I have a merc 350e phev, next to it on the drive I have a rolec 7 kW charging point and an old 3 pin, I have cables for either to the car. Now, I have a 1.5 kW solar array (on my shed!) that is connected to these…and I am worried that I have wasted my money (grant assisted) on the rolec. In daylight am I right in thinking I should always use the 3 pin? I need your wisdom!

Doesn’t make any difference. The solar I assume is grid tied. Both granny lead and the Rolex will draw more than the Solar could at max theoretical produce.

Therefore both draw the extra from the grid. The 7kw is simply guicker at filling the battery. Do you have the car at home during the day to make use of the solar? If so you probably used all your panels generate before you plug the car in.

Sorry if its not what you wanted to hear. How often do you charge, daily then go E7.

Thanks very much for your reply. I do always try to charge when the sun shines!
My thought was that I could be extracting more of the solar panel electricity (and giving less to the grid) if I charged slowly…but if it makes no difference then the convenience of the rolec is better.