Which type of car sticker would you like?

Hi guys
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You all opted in to receiving an EVOwners car sticker, so I have a couple of questions.

Woud you like a car window sticker, or a car body sticker?

  • Window Sticker
  • Body Sticker

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Would you like it to be Twizy specific? :wink:

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for voting. Because there are a small proportion of members who don’t have Twizys who all would prefer a window sticker I will see if I can get some generic window stickers as well as Twizy specific body stickers.

@osbrook @AFSF11 @ian @Mariner @Ian_Burrows @Johnlad @Silas @yellachinook @MagnusB @askho @ADL @geo.jamie @Isleofwighttwizy @Vicki @Cheekychappie @Billybob75 @Ping @m1n1s @Leo @K22MDL @charbo @RMBScotland @R1NGA

Hi everyone

Apologies for the delay with this. I’m just designing the stickers now but something I need to know is what colour Twizy/vehicle they’re going to be applied to.

Because I’m going for stickers with a clear background (who wants a big white rectangle stuck to their car?!) it depends what colour your car is as it will affect how visible the sticker text/logo is. Obviously if you have a black Twizy, you will need a sticker with white writing :wink:

So, what colour is your car?

  • My car is a dark colour. I’d prefer a sticker with white text.
  • My car is a light colour. Black text would look better.

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I will then knock up some designs and you can all vote on the best one. Sound good? :relaxed:

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Also, could someone do me a big favour and measure the width of the back light on the Twizy. I’m assuming most people will put the sticker above the back light, but if not please let me know.

What does everyone think of something like this?

If you were thinking of putting the sticker elsewhere, let me know.

Is the size about right?

Personally I think it is too big and certainly wouldn’t work at that size in as a window sticker.

It looks right as you are the owner. The other issue for larger stickers is they are harder to apply and get them looking right.

If you are giving them away then they need to be:-

  1. Cheap enough to get produced in volume
  2. Small enough to fit into a standard sized envelope for posting. Rolling them up will add to the postage.

At that size would it not be better higher where there is only a single direction curve? Below the light is falter.

True, I hadn’t thought of fitting them in the envelope.

The cost isn’t a problem, I’ve found a decent site that can produce them relatively cheaply, although with all the variables I will have to make a decision to just order body/bumper stickers for now I think, otherwise it starts getting expensive.

What size did you have in mind? Where were you thinking of putting it?

Within 20cm by 10cm. Not sure where to put it bu on the back looks good.

That’s the size I had in mind too. Maybe I just didn’t do a good job of sizing it right on the mockup.

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