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Which wheel drives the Twizy?

When I picked mine up last week, the dealer told me it was a single wheel that drives. Despite driving through some gravel, I can’t really work it out, and both rear wheels seem to have half shafts anyway. So is it a single wheel? If so, which one?


I took mine green laning :rolleyes: yesterday and it appears both rear wheels are driven.

Both wheels drive hence two driveshafts, ask the dealers to explain, they really are idiots :slight_smile:

Well maybe he’s not an idiot, he also thought it was weird that only one wheel drove and there were two drive shafts :lol: was prob just repeating something he’d been told.

A Renault dealer not having a clue? Goodness me :lol:

Both back wheels are driven - the chassis is so stiff and the suspension has such little travel that you can easily get one of them off the ground when starting up a slope diagonally. The loose wheel will then spin.

The dealer may be confusing the Twizy with a golf cart. Some of them do drive only one wheel, to avoid spinning and potentially damaging the greens. I imagine they are quite hard to turn in the “wrong” direction.

I have to get my Twizy into its space at home by running one wheel up a 3" kerb and would say that when that one wheel is taking a lot of the weight, that I find the suspension is hard but the chassis flexes-everything squeaks as it flexes 8-|

I wonder if there would be a problem with traction pulling out of a really tight/sharp steep junction if due to the stiffness/suspension travel one wheel could not get enough grip down? I guess it is less likely as it is rear wheel drive and the weight is on the back wheels, than it would be if it was front wheel drive.

Anyone suffered an issue with this?