Whirring noise continues when charging has finished?

Hi there. Just got my twizy this morning. I noticed after the charging cycle was complete that the car was still making the whirring noise it makes while its charging. I’m assuming that this is a cooling fan of some sort? Should the noise continue or not? I assume that it keeps using electricity to power it? Help please!!

Yes, it’s normal if your Twizy has the original Charger (Like Mine)
A few owners have had faulty chargers replaced with a updated unit and they do switch off I believe.
The power consumption of the fan once the car has charged is minimal.


Thanks andy. I just unplugged it anyway! My twizy is a 62 plate, but has only 230 miles on it. It has been sat in an old chaps garage for the last 2 years. I stil have warranty on it for another year and a half. Maybe get the charger replaced!!

The cooling fan for the charger will run on for several hours and this time does vary each time. It is best to let it run on for a short while after the dash turns off at 100% to protect the charger from the thermal effects.

It can run on for 4 hours but will eventually turn off some times just an hours. I have experimented and subjectively it appears to give better range if left to run it’s course. I do wonder if it does some sort of cell balancing. If so it only needs to be done once every few chargers.

Not checked but it was reported that is consumes as much as 20w, so not a huge amount.

I was just worried as the noise it makes sounds expensive to run!! I’m just a typical tight Scotsman!. Thanks for the info!

Back to this again. I returned from work at 3.30pm yesterday and plugged in my twizy, which was showing 42% charge remaining. Went away to my other job in one of my other cars, finished about 11 last night, no noise from cooling fans, as you’d expect. Went out at 10 this morning, and the cooling fans were still running. Very strange!! I’ve called my dealer, and he says to call the service department tomorrow and get it booked in. I read somewhere that there were issues with the charging system, but can’t remember where I saw it! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My only thoughts was that the charger had restarted due to a drop in Battery voltage, possibly of the 12V system. Therefore the fans would start running again and may run on for anohter 4 hours.

The 12V battery might not be in a good state after having little use for 2 years. Don’t panic over the charger too much but worry about the 12V battery as the Twizy cannot be started without it having sufficient charge.

No starting issues whatsoever. Seemingly, it was all checked over before I bought it…

Sorry I did phase it correctly.

If the 12V battery dies or goes flat (low state of charge) then the Twizy cannot be started. If the 12V battery has been miss treated and left to go flat at some point, although it will re charge and hold a charge for a while it will have a higher rate of self discharge. So it’s voltage will drop from 14.7V during charging down past 12.7 (100%) charge at rest to 12.2V (approx), where if the Twizy is on charge OR the ignition is on then the 12V battery will kick the charging off. Hence the restarting of the fans. Note the 60V traction battery to 12V uses a DC - DC charger and the fans do not come on. The Fans are only for mains charging.