Who doesn't love driving a Twizy in the Summer

Loved this week in the British warmth (3 days and that will probably be it for the year!)

Been great to take the windows off and leave them in the garage, it feels like a different car when driven like that.

Enjoyed last night as had a Lambo convertable pull alongside, take a look and give the thumbs up :sunglasses:

doesnt really matter to me, i mean being ginger ( i hate the sun) the bad weather was just fine for the twizy :slight_smile:

I love driving the Twizy in nice weather. But I have to say in the last couple of (scorcher) days, it got a bit too much. It was like a sauna in the Twizy. And because it was designed to be quite draft free, I couldn’t even get a nice cool breeze. Has anyone got the clear roof? How did you cope? It’s got to be worse.

I have the clear roof, and Ginger hair (what hair I have!) and it has been fine to be honest, but agree that a slight breeze would be appreciated haha

I drive mine without windows all the time, cold, rain and snow… IMO windows ruin the experience of the Twizy.

Definitely enjoyed the Twizy more in the warm sunshine :grin:

I had this problem while stuck in traffic the other day, quite seriously thinking about installing a fan!!