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Who said city electric cars can't get DIRTY!?

So the Twizy is viewed by many people as a city-only car due to its limited range and naff top speed.

But for me, the Twizy is an ideal vehicle for navigating the twisty back-roads of South Gloucstershire. In fact, between heading between Bristol and Bath and spending most Mondays on the road in the country, my Twizy spends more time out of town than it does.

Today, after a particularly spirited drive in which Echo may have gone over a humpback bridge a little quick, she came back home FILTHY.

I think the sign of a well loved car is one that has been driven through every type of weather. And that includes a little mud.

Here’s a before…


and after



Come on… show us your DIRTY Twizys :wink:

Is it just me or it the Twizy “Quickly dirty quickly clean”?

No not just you. I thought that.

Its crazy how dirty my Twizy gets considering I mostly use it to drive to work along a pretty urban route with no countryside to speak of and only a short 40 mph section but after a little bit of rain it ends up looking like this…

Oh and muddy boots dont help either…

Add the front Mud flaps as they help a lot, especially the doors. Be careful cleaning the grit off the doors as they will begin to scratch.

I have a couple of rubber Bar Beer mats in my foot well that I can take out and wash. Saves getting so much water in the car.

I love your numberplate… ARF :wink: A dog :slight_smile:

Finally washed and waxed my Twizy today. After a long winter collecting urban muck and grime from the London streets she scrubs up quite nicely.

Oh yeah i rember hearing about them before, i may have to invest in some mud flaps, where would i get them from just out of curiosity? Yeah unfortunately the black parts on my doors are already getting a little scratched :|.

Haha thanks :slight_smile: i think it really suits my Twizy, i called him Zigmo after my first two family dogs called Ziggy and Molly :D.