Whoever said this - take a bow

I cannot find the post now, but someone put up a way to stop the Ranault windows flapping at the top at speed, through opening the zips at the bottom about 12" in length.

Well this works a treat, driving at 70mph on the Motorway the top of the window stays nicely shut, and the noise / breeze levels are significantly reduced.

Claim your credit here for this great time.

Yikes! How did you get to 70MPH on a Twizy?

Using the power box from @kennethnilsen69

Sweet! Haven’t got a twizy yet, as soon as I do, will add the box for extra speed. (:smiley: Think will go for the Cargo, but not sure if the cargo offers the same colour and interior options as the dynamic, or technic. Love that carbon effect look on the dash.

Thanks that was me.
My Windows nearly blew out in a storm.i unzipped the bottom at least 12 inches and to my surprise no more rattling and still kept dry.glad I helped.

Thanks @Subevo works a treat