Who's got video's of themselves driving their Twizy?

Not quite sure how you get a snapshot image of video but see below a few links to my journeys over the last couple of days.

Trip part ONE Trip part TWO

If you really feel you need (like us blokes do), a pair of POV recording glasses, then spend your money HERE. Be warned though, the company supplying them are totally USELESS at any back up or support but they do work very well, not just for the video but audio too.

And if you want to see how totally stupid you may well look, then check out my techy friend Panos modelling a pair on a recent visit to his computer store in Northfields, West London yesterday.

Awesome videos Martin! Love the glasses too, I guess a GoPro wouldn’t really work?

Where did you get the phone holder from?

Bit if fun, eh?! The holder is the Samsung type, see: HERE It’s on special too so worth buying. Very well made and holds the Power Box. I have my Galaxy Note 5 in it which is a large heavy phone (but dual sim, 64Gb and brilliant too!) and it holds it a treat.

The Go-Pro will of course do the job but you only get the forward view, the audio is awful and we use the glasses for work when demonstrating new products in our video presentations.

I did mine using a dash cam look for my vid on YouTube