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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Why a Twizy is for me

Okay to explain

I had a small car for 9 years and did less than 18,000 miles. I travel to work 6 mile round trip on my Motorbike. So that’s two lots of Tax, Insurance Mot’s Servicing and fuel. I also have Solar panels on the house that provide more power on a sunny day than we use in a day. The other half has a family sized car we can use. So for getting to work or running my son around etc the two seater all electric car is ideal. Although it does not have a heater or side windows that is no different from the Motorbike I use all year round. So as I get older, I don’t like getting as wet so this little thing ticks all the boxes.

But still cannot bring myself to SORN the bike yet. May be if Renault ever get round to delivering it I might do so then.

I purchased mine primarily because I love weird cars and always have, as an advertising tool it is awesome.
once you way up the benefits of buying it for a company , it’s like a free toy :smiley: