Why are Twizys so expensive?

I’ve been looking at EVs with the idea of buying one. Twizys seem to be fetching more money than Zoes of the same age. I’ve seen a 2 year old one for £125 less than new. Battery lease is more or less the same cost, so why is the Twizy’s value so high?

I think it’s just because there are so few of them.

I’ve definitely noticed how well they’ve kept their value and they’re now selling for more than I sold mine for 4 years ago!


James is right they’re comparatively rare and thus hold their value as a bit of a ‘collectors’ car. In my honest opinion, I don’t know why because of the obvious drawbacks the car has but I won’t argue with the market!

The Twizy is a comfortabel motorcycle, not a uncomfortable car!
In Norway where we have far more than the UK, my county alone (500k people) have around 500 Twizyes and lots more on orders.
They keep a very high value and sometimes they are priced so high used that people just buy a new one instead even though they have to wait 4 months for them since they are only ordered when name purchaser is on the order.
And we dont have battery lease on them.
Norwegian custom fees are very big on cars so we get them pat a pretty good price since government fees are absent on them.
I also think that the Twizy is a cult machine so they will proberly keep value for ages.

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Definitely. It was always bound to be a bit of a cult car and I think it is becoming that.


Correct. Twizy is not a car and should not be compared to a car. It’s an incredibly comfortable and safe motorcycle. The format is so appealing, the operation amazing and outstanding fun to drive.

I myself have a lot of difficulty seeing me, on the other hand, buying other than EV, and I can not imagine separating myself from my twizy. (and this only in 2 months)

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I’m not ready to part with mine either and I’ve had mine for over 6 years. I just suits the way I want to travel. I used to have Motorbike and a small car so it is the answer to a single vehicle. Also it can be taken away on holiday with me which I would never have done with the M/C or car.


A friend of mine who has a big motorcamper is now concidering buying one to have on a trailer when he goes down in europe. So easy to bring along and so nice to use when they park at campsites outside city centers.

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Unfortunately we seem to be getting into ‘Ferrari Country’ here with the Twizy, where some second hand ones are being advertised at the price of a new one.

In fact you can buy a later model Renault Zoe cheaper than a 2012 Twizy.

Twizys are expensive because they are awesome! Got a good deal on mine so feeling happy!

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My daughter bought mine last year for my birthday, it is secondhand and had no doors but is the greatest fun to drive and it turns headsas you pass. Yes it has become a ‘cult’ vehicle.

I looked for months on auto trader through this amazing summer we just had and there wasn’t 1 used one for sale in the U.K.
they are very rare and that’s why mine as gone up in value :grinning: first car I’ve ever bought and not made a loss :ok_hand:t3:

I saw quite a few also on Ebay in the UK.
I missed out on a ‘Red Bull’ version on Ebay, I was well gutted.
I have found 13 on Autotrader.co.uk and 9 on Ebay.co.uk so not that rare.

Did you really want that Red Bull version? Looked trashed to me (smashed windscreen, mirrors missing etc)

The price was right, except someone jump the queue and bought it direct.
Would not have cost much to fix it.

There’s a couple of bargain Twizy’s on Gumtree today. One in Bristol, 2013 with doors and Parrot Bluetooth 5k miles for £1800 and another without doors in Oxfordshire 17k miles for £1500. My instinct is that they are too cheap so to keep clear but who knows? They could be a real bargain for someone.

Wow, bargain!