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Why did you buy the twizy and has it lived up to expectations

Now that some owners have their Twizy for about a year or so, how has it lived up to your expectations?
I’ve had mine for a month now and despite bad weather during all that period, it has done everything I wanted it to do. I have to say I didn’t buy it as a serious vehicle, more as a “toy” for me to run around in locally. I use it every day and it is perfect to run down to the supermarket, the bank and short errands. It is fun despite the freezing weather and I am really looking forward to nicer weather that’s coming.
My main request for Twizy Mk2 is : give it proper doors and windows.

I took delivery of my Twizy last May and have done almost 4,500 miles in it.

Generally I am happy and have good use out of it. It still makes people smile and I have managed to use it most days to commute to work. I have got used to dressing up warmly and it has been a lot better over the winter with the new Renault windows. When I feel brave I take it from J5 to J1 of the M1 at a sedate 52 mpg and it has certainly been a low cost form of motoring. I always enjoy passing garages and plugging in and it has given me an appetite to think about other electric cars going forward.

It does need another 25% on both the speed and range and it does need something to prevent frost-bite to my fingers on those early morning commutes. On the plus side the extra miles I have done in the Twizy and not done in the Jaguar XJR have kept the value of the Jaguar higher and lowered my wear and tear, service bills etc for the Jaguar and of course saved me about £2000 in fuel costs.

Will I keep it forever? Not sure yet… but I would certainly think about a Zoe or Smart EV for commuting though i do confess to really liking the quirky nature of the Twizy.

I think my Twizy has improved with time ( or could it be the warmer weather). I was doing a 34 mile round trip each day even through winter including dual carriageway and one short motorway junction. It’s great fun with the stereo going with appropriate uplifting sounds! Agree with 10 mph more and 25% range increase please. Tend to go for the Twizy when I can rather than my very comfortable car. Maybe I’m mad or having a mid life crisis, or both. Pot holes are a bit of a nuisance but its not as uncomfortable as some media types have suggested. I have the Renault Windows ( which don’t fit) and I am pleased that with the better weather I can take them off. As it warms up, it’s just going to get better and better.

I agree with you. My Twizy seems to have improved with the miles. It is really enjoyable to drive it now with the nice weather. I have taken the official windows off now and it makes a hell of a difference. There is far less wind noise and surprisingly far less turbulence. It was obviously designed to travel that way. I am surprised you can hear anything from the stereo with all the racket that’s going on. How did your window not fit?

The left window is too tall and bangs against the side. The right window sits fine.
I’ve got the parrot system and the ceiling speakers are loud enough as long as you aren’t in a motorway tunnel.

The window has got a steel (?) frame. If you stand the window up straight with the top bit on the floor and squash the bottom flat bit, a bit at a time, I think you should be able to bend it enough to make it fit. Give it a try.

The left window is too tall and bangs against the side. The right window sits fine.

Seems to be a Quirk of the Twizy manufacture.
The Left side in my car is noticeably smaller than the right side!
When I fitted the French Windows, the right fitted perfectly but I had to modify the left hand frame.
I stripped the paint off it, cut it down and welded a new plate on, then I powdercoated it again.
Helps to be in Engineering :smiley:


Well yes - but isn’t it good to know it WASN’T built by robots. You don’t often get that hand-crafted feel with modern cars. :smiley:

My Parrot system is unresponsive a lot of the time. Has anyone else noticed this?