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Why do you like your Twizy?

Lets give ourselves a chance to explain :slight_smile:
As we tend to be an eccentric minority, we find ourselves defending the little car (at least I do). One has to wonder why, is it just human nature to defend our choice ? even if its rubbish ?
Here is mine anyway.
I have worked in the motor trade all my life , so by and large most cars are boring and completely forgettable. I have owned many fast and exotic cars to break this trend.
The Twizy for me is so different, and I love weird and wonderful such as 70’s & 80’s French cars. I have a 1969 Citroen Ami, you don’t get more weird than that.
Every trip is an experience unlike anything else, and despite being a little bit slow on a big road, it is very fast around small streets and bends etc. In fact my friend was following me down a country lane in his “sports” car in the summer and couldnt keep up.
What are your reasons ?

It’s a great drive and as Lightly states it is great round the bends. I find it so much fun that combined with the fact that a large number of boat routs in the peak have closed I’m going to sell the motor bike.

I use the car every day and it is as much fun in the snow as the sun. 7 months after getting mine the wife has decided it is actually a practical car for the short “nip out trips” and now we use it more. Also she see’s it as safer than me commuting on the bike.

I love not having to put all the motor bike gear on each time some much simpler. Also not having to double my daily commute looking for petrol.

Exactly the same here!
The BOATs were less of an issue, but the safety and gear hassle on the bike put me off.

My wife also now loves the Twizy and uses it regularly-also likes the fact it is safer than the bike for me too.

I like the drive, the feel, the simplicity and the reception it gets.

Could be an interesting link there Lightly.

I too have owned a plethora of fast or silly cars ranging over the years from a real Fiat 500F (1967), Lotus Europa (1968), Triumph TR3 (1956), VW T2 Campervan (1972 and 1979) and a few exotics and Twizy has a special place.


Its the smirk I get when I drive it. Its like a go-kart with a cabin. Its electric. Its quiet. Its not pumping out fumes. Its bleeding edge motoring. Its different.

Its not fast nor is it sleek and streamlined nor practical but it is immense fun. You WANT to go for a drive in it and I haven’t had that feeling since those now vintage vehicles above. Just going out for the hell of it.

I don’t have to use Twizy to commute but if I did, what fun (apart from the worst of days).

Gotta say, only now is the cold weather starting to grind on me. I absolutely adore my Twizy but I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get here.

Same here, hopefully getting warmer soon, +3 or 4 would feel good :slight_smile:

Not bothered me as much, still warmer than the motor bike. I do however wear my big motor bike coat with it’s inner lining. So I’m not going for windows.

Trouble is for me it’s easy to get in a car, and having had a cold for the last three weeks, a heater is appealing.

I really get the eco credentials, I was spending £90 per month on petrol so the low purchase cost with battery rental doesn’t outstrip the saving’s swapping to electric… (I have solar panels too so can ofset extra consumption here). Handling is great although man hole covers are really irritating me with the colder weather. Sometimes I forget there is a long line of missplaced, badly set grids down the middle of the roads here in Essex, so whilst clenching my buttock due to the cold :D, it feel’s more irritable. I would love an interior light and I would appreciate a fog light. What is funny, is that this year we have had two bouts of snow and freezing -5 temps and I don’t mind it… my feet freeze rather than hands/face which is uncomfortable at journey’s end, but a warm coat/hat and gloves are make for a bearable journey. I hardly use the rear storage unit as it is auckward to access and put back, and stuff falls into the bottom, so think that this could be better designed…
Highlights - Drifting in snow, zipping through traffic, acceleration, smugness for getting off fossil fuels - I’m actualy a calmer driver because I maximise the speed better as I don’t want to waste the energy used to get to that speed, and don’t race up to other traffic or try to out accelerate cars around me as I don’t have a big top speed.

From the first time I saw it I fell in love with it. It was at New Brighton Kite Festival and I have a picture of that very first time I sat in it.

Then over the whole summer i kept seeing it at varios public events. Also the garage is at the end of my road so it is often seen.

Then there was a auction for it at a School fair to win it for the weekend. I made sure I won it.

Had it for the weekend and loved it even more. (See vid)

During the this time we were having all kinds of issues with the wifes clio.

In the back of my mind all I could hear was “Twizy Twizy Twizy!”

So then sat down and did the math on cost of running but also the loan aspect. I had three options I wanted.

Went to renault and got the costs on all the options and could not make it work. It was cheaper to keep the SAAB.

Thats when Renault realise the issue in the software and then gave me figures that could work.

So trading in the Crap Clio kept the SAAB for distance trips and have the Twizy for anything that involes just me + 1 other.

If your still reading the reasons are this.

  1. Its different
  2. I love it
  3. Its fun to drive
  4. Its my first ever car from new.
  5. It saves me money.
  6. My children love it.
  7. Some girls like it :smiley:

Yeah no windows is cold, but I am a 3rd of the way through the winter and only lost the tip of my little finger to the cold.

Think I will stick with no windows until a decent set comes along that deals with security.

I to have owned some jolly nice cars in the past from A Rolls Royce shadow mrk 2 up to a spirit mrk 111 due to my line of work in the trade. I even had a honda beat and a suzuki cuppachino both the diddy cars were fun and made me smile to the point i kept the cuppachino and use only in summer time no rainy days for her any more. 5 MR2’s there my passion for some daft reasen still have a last of line one for nostalgia sake I simply love the drive of a mid engine car and the looks by pininfarina. I heard wispers about Twizy and looked in to it saw some concept cars and thought no way is that going in to production it to wacky and even Renault would not take that chance. Got a call guess what its in production do you want one…? After weeks of pleeding with the better half this would be a brilliant idea she agreed to let me buy yet another toy. Wished i had held for the sky roof but wanted it so bad and to be seen driveing something just that bit diffrent to all other cars on the road. To this day i still can not belive the attention Twizy gets but i guess from a womans point it’s cute and lovable like smart point when they started selling them. And to guys well the young see it as a bit of fun and the older the future of motoring but still with puzzlment on there minds. Which brings me on to a point here about electric cars and how the public feel about them. I am lucky to be friends with Crispin Sinclair sir Clive’s son who has had a drive of my Twizy and liked it. I asked what do you think your dad would feel about this and did he think the C5 should have been more Twizy like. Dad is aware of this and was offered a test run out but declined. The last thing he wants is to be seen by the press driveing one as they would drag up C5 again which is still special to him. He likes the fact were moveing at last in the right direction away from fossel fuels. To tool up to twizy standards would cost more then the 14 million investment he put into C5. Say electric car to people they say O C5 stupid silly a joke a flash in the pan fancy of a daft vision. But it was a stepping stone in the right direction back in 1985 we just was not ready. On the plus side C5 was a good investment to the public an for what they sell for now in good condition more then double there reatail value,More then can be said for most cars of today. I love yes love my Twizy for a product to make you smile every time you drive it is what gives it the magic we crave in driveing a product. I like the fact it’s unique and a bad reaction from people is still a reaction like art in a gallery. Most cars never get that reaction or a second look so for Renault to put that factor in a tiny little car to gain peoples reaction thats the magic that is Twizy and that we all love and crave. This little car that broke the mould stood tall and said im the future get used to it will become a future classic that im sure.

Anyone want to add an “other bizarre cars I have owned” thread?

I’ve had a good few, all as crazy as the Twizy in their own way.

smart crossblade now that was weired espensive and a lotta lotta fun at 12k used. Talk about cold no windscreen or roof with doors same as twizy on gas struts but my god the wind in ya face was a killer on the motoway.

New thread added :wink: