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Why do you love/hate your Twizy?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been part of an effort to build a 3 wheel EV for the past year and so and discovered the Twizy while I was on vacation in Mexico. The police had one and even let me sit inside (not by force). The creation of the Twizy was no doubt sparked by the same question that got me started. Do we really need a 4000 pound metal box to be stuck in city traffic? I don’t think it matters if the thing that pushes the giant box is powered by electrons or combustion, it’s the size and weight of cars that’s problematic.

Anyhow, since you crazy Twizy owners are probably the same type of people who would be the first ones to use our EVs, I thought I would post here and try to understand your experiences with the Twizy. What do you love about your Twizy and what do you absolutely hate about it? It could be fairly obvious ones like range, price, and acceleration (or lack thereof), or quirky things that non-Twizy owners would never expect, like more fights with your wife because of all the extra female attention you’re getting.

We haven’t done any official press releases or anything like that, but here’s a picture of our prototype vehicle if anyone’s curious:

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Hello Lihang,

That is a nice concept.

What i love about the twizy is the way it drives. It is like a gokart on the road.
Because of the low centre of gravity.
And with powerbox is it a good combination.

It is cheap to ride.
Here in holland there are no taxes for electric cars.

It is nice because it is not a big car. You can park the car everywhere.

Thing that can be better is the range. Some times i want to drive more but i can’t because of an empty battery.

Pieter, do you use the Twizy as your only vehicle or do you have a full-sized car as well?


  • The twizy is fun to drive.
  • The speed is perfect for local and small roads in the UK.
  • After market modifications like windows make the car useable in most weather.
  • Very friendly and helpful owner community.
  • Cost of drive per mile is very cheap


  • Cost of parts, and Renault has made it almost impossible to interchange from one vehicle to another due VIN coding
  • Battery range would be great if it was just a little more. Guaranteed 50 miles would suit almost everyone (but this car can be used as normal car and not just city car)
  • 3 stud wheel pattern making after market wheels impossible to find without modification and wheel spacers.
  • Very slow charging. 30-45 minutes driving = 3.5 hours of charging.

I use my twizy all the time now since buying. Although the lockdown has impacted everyone and how much they use their car, for me to go anywhere within 15 miles of my house, and it is not extreme cold or wet weather, I take the twizy.
I have a normal family size 5 seat diesel car also because of children.

I use it for driving to work (25km) and small distances. I have also the windows for the winter and the bad wheater in Holland. Also i have an other car for bigger distances. That’s my wife’s car.

Hi I have had my Twizy for three years and it is my go to vehicle for every small trip around my city. To the local shops, to centre, to anywhere. I have carried everything in the back. Listed in no particular order. Fun, driving experience, corners on rails, looks, speed power box fitted, easy to drive, doors. Mine has wide wheels, better seat, smaller steering wheel, these few mods have made it fantastic. I use it in all weathers without windows but I have an heated jacket. The cost of parts is high and it seems like they never considered carrying things outside so tow bar, bike rack fittings. I do believe that the future is electric and would look at any new vehicle on the market that is based on bike parts. Keith

Peter, did you feel unsafe the first time being in a small car moving with regular traffic?

What’s your reason for getting the Twizy when you can get a second used full-sized car for the same price?

If you had enough charge to last a day, does it matter how fast the charging is as long as it can fully charge overnight?

In London I love mine as I pay no congestion charge, and it’s so cheap compared to our fuel prices here. I wouldn’t want to charge overnight, as I plug indoors, so my front door is slightly open whilst charging. I don’t have a 3 pin plug outside my house, only indoors. But I haven’t had to pay for a special charging point to be installed at the house either.