Why don't the dealers want to sell me a new twizy?

Greetings all.
I have been pondering a twizy for a while. I fancy a new one yet every main dealer I contact appears to not want to sell me one! They aren’t directly saying it but they don’t get back to me.
Am I missing something?? Is there no profit in them for them??


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I used the Renault website ‘book a test drive’ feature last week. They phoned at the end of the week to say they hadn’t forgotten about me and would approach their fleet manager on Monday about locating one for a test drive. On Monday evening I got an email to say they couldn’t get one so that was that. No interest in offering an alternative and seemingly not bothered about losing the potential sale. I then messaged the RenaultUK Page on Facebook who were able to tell me the three UK dealers who currently have a Twizy - A.K.S. Yeovil in Yeovil, Vospers in Plymouth and John Banks in Cambridge. I thanked them but said I was a bit disappointed that there are so few Twizys in the UK despite them being featured prominently on the Renault website and Facebook page. I also suggested they could probably make use of the very friendly Twizy owners:

“May I suggest you make friends with people who own Twizys in the UK and see if they will help out? If I ever own one, I’d be very happy to allow others who are interested to try mine. Perhaps offer a discount on the battery lease in exchange for a warm owner endorsement and a few test drives?”

Their reply:

“Thanks for the feedback, David. We’re going to pass this on to our product team for them to consider but we really appreciate your comments.”

I think the telling word there is ‘but’.

I haven’t called Cambridge yet - I’ve since joined this forum which has been far more helpful.

Me and my Twizy were in Essex a couple of years ago. Running people about before we headed to south-end-on sea to do some cruising on the front. Got more attention than the sports cars

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Hi David, I don’t know where you are based, but the Renault dealer in Ipswich, Bristos, usually has a demonstrator Twizy. Their EV specialist Peter I have found to be very enthusiastic and helpful. They even bought a special registration number TW11ZZY which I know, has been at least two different Twizzy demonstrators.
The Renault dealer in Watford has a pre-registered new Twizy too.
I am in Norwich and you are very welcome to drive my Twizy Colour.

I have checked and Bristos do have a Twizy demonstrator which is for sale see

So I had an almighty mood at my local dealer and demanded they sell me a twizy. They finally told me there are 10 in the uk in the group pot as it were.

I asked about buying it on finance, bear with me here, and I got some very blank looks.
People musn’t buy these on finance. Anyway the reason I am posting is because of the PCP figure I was given. As an accountant I know my figures… see what you think…

Brand new one - 36 month £1500 deposit 6000 miles per annum £96.87 per month with a final optional payment of £2675

Just in case you didn’t know, a new twizy is 8045 for the dynamique with doors.



Thank you for the kind offer Andrew - I’m in Chelmsford so not far from you. I must admit that recent posts about the battery lease, what happens after Twizy turns 10 years old and being able to prove the battery capacity has dropped below 75% has left me less encouraged than when I started. I also got told this by the people at ZeroTwiz:

“We have two Twizys in at the moment in which Renault will not replace the battery without a large payment as they say the customer has not looked after the battery.”

I still think I’ll contact Peter at Bristos and see what he has to say.

Despite the fact I spent most of my working life as a photographer, I trained as a Chartered Accountant too, and, unless I am missing something, if you go for the PCP and paying the optional final payment, means you own the vehicle, the total cost is £7662.32 for a vehicle with a new price of £8045 and get 3 years to buy it! Don’t forget though that in three years at £45 per month, you will also pay £1620 in batterey rental. Even so it seems a deal too good to miss.

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Sorry, I do know how to spell battery!

Exactly my conclusion. Very bizarre, I do wonder if they have made a whoopsie with those figures but I am tempted to go for it and hold them to it.

The residual value/final payment is laughable. I suspect it’s to deter one from merely handing the car back when the reality is it could be sold privately after 3 years for 4k plus.

I have told them to go ahead with it.

Mumbled words ensued and I was told they would have to ring the EV team to confirm the figures.

My response being you have already done that as they were the ones that gave you the figures…

Pretty obvious it’s a balls up however I am not letting them know I know this.

We shall see what they come back with…

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Fingers crossed.
So does everyone just opt for the lowest mileage/ rental option ?

yes. first year may be higher but will balance out over the 3 years.

Booooo they realised their monumental error at the last minute.
Most annoying and very unprofessional of them.

I do wonder if they didn’t look into the figures too closely as they freely admitted they had never sold one before plus I was nuts to consider one, renault main dealer this was…Cumbria based of which the map suggests only 1 twizy is here, soon to be 2 :smile:

Have already ordered windows from Luis plus a motor controller and powerbox is soon about to wing its way to me from Kenneth.


The reason I have been told that you can’t buy new Twizy’s is that the Twizy plant is being relocated. But the dealers in Norway bought all they could so you can import from Norway :joy:

So where did u find a used one ?

I didn’t, I got/am getting a shiny brand new one. Even though the deal wasn’t as good as anticipated I still wanted a new one :):heart_eyes:

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I’m told there are 10 , now 9, brand new twizys in the UK dealer network, all black i’m told.


Twizy production has been moved to S. Korea

Getting rarer and rarer. Will certainly be a collectors item in years to come.