Why is selling one such a pain

sorry this is like a rant post but over the last week I have really got annoyed with the people who were ‘interested’ in buying the twizy

they seem to moan about the battery rental when they turn up even though they lnew about it before they arrived, they try and drop the price even when they ask beforehand and you say no offers and then they say they will need to look at the figures for owning one.

never had these problems before selling cars which is a tad annoying. i guess its either caus in scotland OR if i keep till summer i may bot have these problems but now i feel like i am putting off buyer as the last few have made me so annoyed!!!

the major issue i have as although i put it for sale i do love it, its just i work on specific cars so i cannot sell my ther car but its just wasting away which i def dont want to happen